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Will Lips Change After Braces And Extraction Of Protruding Teeth?

Will a persons top lip (and area between their mouth and nose) get smaller after extraction and braces are used to fixed protruding teeth? READ MORE

Is It Possible for Me to Fix my Protrusion/front Teeth Flaring Without Extractions?

I am nervous about getting 4 bicuspids extracted. I have been searching for any other options. If it is absolutely necessary, and won't ruin my facial... READ MORE

How to Correct an Overjet on an Adult? And What is the Difference Between Functional and Traditional Orthodontists? (photo)

Recently a gp dentist told me that I should see an orthodontist who could evaluate whether my overjet is a skeletal issue. I'm 21 and had braces for... READ MORE

Teeth Braces To Correct Protruding Jaw?

Hi I am 26 years old. My upper jaw appears to protrude forward and lower jaw is quite recessed Many suggested surgery for this, but one orthodontic... READ MORE

Front teeth flare out/protrude after getting my braces off? (photo)

I just got my braces off and my front teeth seem to slant out. Is this normal? Am I overreacting? Can this be fixed with my retainer or maybe... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix my Teeth Flaring/protrusion Without Extraction of 4 Teeth? (photo)

Age:25. Braces on for about 12 months. Initial issues: a somewhat impacted upper canine and flaring. Initially, my ortho said he would try to... READ MORE

Will Braces without extractions be effective for protruding teeth? (photo)

Hi.. i got my braces last december 2013.. i have a portruded teeth and i want to correct it.. the ortho did not extract any teeth.. i am curious if it... READ MORE

Can braces (without tooth extraction) solve upper lip protrusion? (Photos)

I have 4mm overjet. My orthodontist told me that I need to wear a Damon brace on the upper arch and fixed traditional brace on the bottom one, and I... READ MORE

Will my face look sunken after having 4 teeth extracted, and braces fitted? My teeth are protruding (Photo)

Hi, I'm 21 years old. Have protrusive teeth. My ortho said that i have to get extraction for 4 teeth I was ok with that untill I googled and read... READ MORE

Braces or Invisalign? How Long Will I Need? (photo)

I have serious ortho work that needs to be done. If you look at the pictures you'll see that I have major issues. Large gap between front teeth,... READ MORE

Does my mouth protrude because of my teeth or because of my jaw? Will braces fix the problem, or will I need surgery? (photo)

My chin dimples when I close my mouth. I think my teeth are pretty straight. They don't flare out that much. But my mouth still protrudes. I started... READ MORE

Do I need extraction for braces and how would it affect the shape of face or lips? (photos)

I hv protrude teeth and overbite.doc says i can brace without extraction.Need to expand arch and push the front in. A few concerns 1)understand... READ MORE

Problem With Protruding Incisor And Essix

My ortho recommended I do upper arch only n added "our teeth get crowded as we age". I assume he said that coz he saw my lower incisor... READ MORE

Did my orthodontist mess up? My two front teeth are protruding out. Would I need braces again or will my retainer fix it?(photo)

I've just got them off after having them for 4 years because of a severe crossbite. It looks alot better than where I started from, but it still kind... READ MORE

How can I fix my protruding upper lip? (Photo)

My lips are very small but they protrude a lot, the top one more than the bottom. My cheeks are also very flat so my mouth sticks out more than them... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces on my Gap and Protruding Front Teeth? (photo)

I have a gap between my front two teeth, also they protrude a bit. I really hate it and I want to get braces, but a dentist said they could pop out... READ MORE

Do I need extractions? Protrusive teeth with braces and face/profile shape after possible extractions (Photo)

I've had braces on for just over a year and have my date set to get them off next month. I'm loving the straight teeth but curious about my... READ MORE

My Dentist Purposely Made my Braces Wire Protrude at the Front. Is This Neccessary?

I just put on braces a few weeks ago, and my dentist made my wire protrude in the front such that it protruded out of my mouth. Is this really... READ MORE

Mouth Still Protude After Brace off? (photo)

I had overbite before braced dentist suggested me undergo jaw surgery to bring the lower jaw in the right position...but I rejected at last... READ MORE

Hi my Upper Four Teeth Are Coming Forward? (photo)

So i went to the doctor ,he advised me to put spring but i dont want it so what shall i do READ MORE

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