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Does Pulling out Good Teeth when Getting Braces Have Disadvantages in the Future?

I'm 13 and may be getting braces soon. I have to pull out two of my teeth in order to make room for the other teeth.  So will pulling out the... READ MORE

Cons of Extracting 2 Upper Bicuspids?

Im 15 & just got braces about a month ago. My canines are protruding a little but not a lot. My ortho gave me 3 options to fix my overbite.... READ MORE

Would braces or invisalign be a good option for me? What are the possible cons? If not, what are my other options? (photo)

I'm 23 years old this year and I've never had braces or any teeth correcting in the past. When I had inquired about it years ago, my dentist said it... READ MORE

What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting Braces Adjusted Every Two Weeks? (photo)

I just got my braces 2 weeks ago and I plan on getting married in 11 months and my orthodontic doctor told me he can get my braces off within 6-9... READ MORE

Has Anyone had/has done the Power Prox "6 Months Braces"?

I've been contemplating if I should get the Power Prox (6 months braces). I've been reading bad and good. My dentist told me it would take me longer... READ MORE

Which is the best solution for my daughter's case? Expand, headgear, TAD, or extract? Pros and cons of each treatment? (Photo)

My daughter is 11. The 1st orthodontist: expand both jaws. The 2nd:headgear. The 3rd: use TAD to move the upper molars back. The 4th: remove 4 teeth.... READ MORE

Should I pull 4 premolars vs palatal expander? Pros vs cons? They say my palate won't grow, it's just gonna tilt my teeth

Im 23,i might b getting my molars tilt out towards my cheeks with pallad expander to make room for the rest of my teeth to fit in my arches because i... READ MORE

Teeth extraction - any guesses on what teeth have to be pulled? (Photo)

I'm a young adult that needs braces. I've been told that I have a under bite and crowded teeth. I've done some research, and some people say... READ MORE

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