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Is the problem with my teeth bimaxillary protrusion or some sort of jaw issue? Please help. (Photo)

I've had braces twice and I regret to say that I am still very unhappy with my smile. I am also upset that my doctors couldn't address the... READ MORE

Why does my upper lip stick our further than my bottom lip does and is it a reason for other issues? (photos)

I know that it is not a problem with my bottom jaw. However, from a front view my top lip is larger than my bottom lip. From a profile view, my top... READ MORE

4 premolars extracted but I have been left with different facial structure. What can I do to remedy these problems? (photos)

I have just finished ortho treatment a few months ago and I am currently wearing retainers. I had 4 of my premolars removed before the braces where... READ MORE

Should I get Braces? I'm 23 year old. If I do not get it, is there any problem when I become older ? (photos)

My lower lip is a little bit front of my upper lip and i go to dentist he said i put elastic and then see if we can make brases or not and after that... READ MORE

Problems with teeth braces? (Photo)

What do you see in these photos? So, I got my braces more than 1.5 year ago, because of an overbite, 7 months ago I noticed that my two front teeth... READ MORE

Is the problem with my teeth or my features? (Photos)

I had braces 4-5 years ago and still not satisfied with the result. I still don't know if the problem with my teeth or my features. I always try to... READ MORE

Jaw/Teeth Problem?

I had braces for about a year and a half 4 years ago, and had to stop treatment because I was unhappy with the results. About 2 years later I had my... READ MORE

Do you recommend a sliding genioplasty? Do you think my problem can be fixed with braces? (Photos)

I use to suck on my tongue ALOT when I was little and I honestly think this is the reason for my problem. I breathe out my nose but I can't close my... READ MORE

Do you see where my left side not straight? My dr telling me they are and I'm not satisfied & they come off in a week. (photo)

This is my second time with braces I know there not straight but he's telling they are what should I do? They come off In a week. And I still feel... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct my crossbite with braces? Or is it too severe, and is my jaw a problem?

I was supposed to get braces a few years ago, but I never followed through with it. My bite wasn't as severe as it is now. I really want o correct... READ MORE

After braces: Deep bite problem. (photo)

I am suffering from deep bite, i had put braces when i was in 9 th i an degree student .. its irritating there any awavy i... READ MORE

What would happen if there is extra room between the edge of the teeth and the essix retainer when you put it on?

Recently, I received my new essix retainer and found that there was some extra room (1mm) between my teeth (especially the 6 front teeth) and the... READ MORE

There is no bracket at one of my teeth, will that be a problem? (Photo)

I had my braces on last week, but I'm just curious ,why didn't they put a 'bracket' on my other tooth . Do you think it will help to fix my teeth... READ MORE

Will getting my bicuspids removed help or will it possibly cause problems later on?

I am 37 years old and wearing braces for the second time in my life. I recently came across an article stating that some people believe having... READ MORE

Can braces fix my underbite or do I need a jaw surgery? (photos)

I've been thinking of having braces but I was wondering if it could fix my underbite? I've had this since birth and I remembered I was bullied by my... READ MORE

Can braces fix my weak chin problem? (Photo)

I had my braces 1 year ago and i didnt notice that i had a weak chin until lately, and my doctor didnt speak to me regarding this problem , can my... READ MORE

If I do not have braces, is there a problem or not ? (Photo)

I ask my dentist he said i donot take off any tooth i put elastic in your teeth and show if it possible to make braces and he said if i do braces iam... READ MORE

I have short roots on my front teeth can I wear a retainer?

I have short roots on my front teeth and I am worried that my teeth will get loose if they move. Can a retainer help? Or will that make the problem... READ MORE

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