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Braces and I have a tooth gap! I don't know if it just happens?

What should I do, to prevent or make this gap in my teeth go away? please give me insight. READ MORE

Cheapest route for relapse after Braces? (photos)

Had braces taken off 9 years ago, have a perm retainer on top to two front teeth to prevent gap from coming back. No issues there. Bottom two teeth... READ MORE

I got my braces removed yesterday and my wisdom teeth are starting to come through. Will they ruin my teeth?

I got my braces removed yesterday and my wisdom teeth are starting to come through so i was wondering if this is going ruin my teeth. I have a... READ MORE

Can rubber bands fix my bite and prevent jaw surgery? (Photo)

I've had braces for 10 months and my teeth are strait. I'm concerned with my bite because my teeth don't line up correctly on the right side and they... READ MORE

Sharp pain in tooth now that I have braces!

I've only had braces for about 6 days now, I have to wear elastics on my canines over night. The past couple days, I've been getting this really bad... READ MORE

What can I do to prevent my teeth from moving?

I was supposed to get my retainers for my upper teeth today but i couldn't make it for the appointment. That means that i won't be wearing them for 3... READ MORE

What can I do to prevent my gum receding further?

Ive had my braces on for the best part of three years and my gum has been receding for a few months now, it is very painful and i find it hard to eat... READ MORE

Best retainer for relapse-prone teeth?

As an adult, I had an impacted canine that my orthodontist brought down. However, when my braces were removed and I was wearing my Essix retainer... READ MORE

How can I prevent my gap between teeth?

Methods to prevent the gap between teeth READ MORE

What can I do about my teeth going back to their original placement before braces because of not wearing retainers?

I had gotten my braces off at the age of 12 with only wearing them for a year. My teeth were actually very bad but the orthodontist insisted that a... READ MORE

My brackets fall off really easily. What can I do to stop it?

So I've had braces for about a year now and to this day I've probably broken around 20 brackets. I understand some are obviously my fault but many... READ MORE

What will I do to prevent my bracket came off?

I got my braces for a month and last week one of my brackets went off when I was watching television so I consulted my orthodontist right away and he... READ MORE

Wearing my retainer again after two years. Any suggestions?

I had braces for two years in grade 10-12, it's been about 2 and a half years now. I wore my retainer for the first 6 months. My bottom teeth have... READ MORE

Will this chip prevent me from getting braces? (photo)

I have a chip on one of my bottom teeth, and it is pretty low compared to the others and I get my braces soon! Will this small tooth prevent me from... READ MORE

My tooth broke off a bracket when I bit down. How to prevent more coming off? Charges? (photos)

What do I do to prevent more from coming off? My top T3 broke my bottom T2 off. What do I do? Also, how can bite down if I can't bite down... READ MORE

DoI need to wear my retainers 24/7 after bone graft for 2 missing teeth?

Retainer coming to an end 24/7(after 1 yr). Now I have to do 2 bonegrafts for missing teeth. Can i only wear it just during the nite? Or would it be... READ MORE

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