Palate Expander + Braces

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Palate Expander for a 24 year old, Will it work?

I have a condition where my front 4 teeth of the upper jaw slant outwards like \ (away from the mouth). The lower jaw has straight teeth. I visited... READ MORE

Will a Palate Expander Work in my Case? (photo)

Im 22 years old. I just recently visited my orthodontist and for my case she recommended me to wear a palate expander for about 3 months as she says... READ MORE

Are Removable Palate Expanders As Effective As Fixed Ones?

My dentist is going to give me a removable palate expander. He says its basically brand new technology, it is clear, and has only been out for around... READ MORE

I Just Got a Palatal Expander, Will It Close My Gap Before I Get Braces in 3 Weeks?

Everyones making fun of the gap in my two front teeth. Im getting my braces in like 3 weeks I dont have to turn my expander anymore. I was wondering... READ MORE

Got braces, but my arches are still narrow and I have a narrow face. Can palate expander help improve width of arches? (photo)

I wore braces for 2 years, which straightened my teeth. I have straight teeth, but narrow arches. I wear retainer at night for upper teeth. Can an... READ MORE

Will a Slow Palatal Expander Change the Way I Look or Smile?

I'm a 29 yo and never had braces. But, my top right incisor is beginning to turn in & I have a slight right lateral cross bite. I was advised that... READ MORE

Can my Open Bite Be Closed Cosmetically Like with Veneers? (photo)

Is there any possible way of me closing my open bite without surgery? It makes me insecure. I had braces when I was 16 with a palette expander for one... READ MORE

Cost of SARPE/ palatal expansion/ maxillary expansion and does insurance cover it? Currently have capital Blue Cross

Ive been doing tons of research on this, but i can't seem to find wether or not capital blue cross will cover this surgery. when i called to talk to a... READ MORE

Should I have gotten a palate expander? (photo)

My teeth used to be very crooked. We couldn't afford braces. When I was 21 I was able to get them. They told me I was on the line of being too old for... READ MORE

Should I get a maxillary palatal expander for underbite?

When 13 I got a maxillary palatal expander for my minor underbite.i would wear a headgear at night with rubber bands, and after completing it, it... READ MORE

Will a Palatal Expander Ruin my Nosejob? (Pictures!)

Hi Im 18 and had a nosejob about two years ago. When I was 11 my orthodontist said I had a crossbite and gave me a palatal expander. It stretched my... READ MORE

Widening palette from thumb sucking

Hi I'm 30 I have a very narrow arch and high palette I really want a wide smile as I'm embarrassed of it. I had braces on befor but they didn't work... READ MORE

Braces, palatal expander or veneers?

Hello all! I am interested in widening out my smile a little to have a less "bunny" look. My teeth have moved in around 6yrs to apparently make for... READ MORE

Will a palate expander work for an adult with an open bite?

I'm 24 years old and i have an open bite due to tongue thrust. Instead of extracting teeth i will use a palate expander and maybe a tongue crib. will... READ MORE

My palate expander is making my teeth crooked? (photos)

I have recently gotten my braces in the last month, and I just got my palate expander two weeks ago. I had an expander and teeth removed when I was... READ MORE

Will a palatal expander work for me? (Photo)

I just recently turned 20, I think I have a class 1 malocclusion my jaw is quite narrow as are the arches of my teeth. I'd like to know if a palate... READ MORE

Palate Expander at 16? HELP?

Hi I'm a 16 year old female and I have avery small smile, I made some research and found something called "palatal expander" would I be qualified to... READ MORE

Why am I wearing rubber bands if they aren't doing anything? Why haven't my braces been tightened after a year of wearing them?

I wore a paletal expander for about 3 months along with my bottem braces. After my expander was removed I got my top braces. Ive had my braces for... READ MORE

Palatal Expansion with Existing Veneers? (photo)

I am 25 yrs old. When I was 8/9 yrs, I was set to get braces. I had many extractions done & molds prepared. My cousins teased me about getting... READ MORE

Will I still get a gap between my front teeth with a palate expander and braces on?

I'm 14 and got my braces on about a month ago. I got my palate expander on yesterday and got it turned 3 times by the orthodontist and she said I... READ MORE

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