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Very narrow smile after braces treatment. What can I do to widen my palate? (Photo)

4 teeth were removed as well. No palate expansion was done. I now have straight teeth but my smile is very narrow and my palate is narrow as well. It... READ MORE

Teeth Back to Pre-braces, Tried Veneers Too. What More Should I Do?

Dear Doctor, I really need unbiased advice on what I should now do. I had: Narrow palate/teeth, and lateral incisors which were "pushed in"... READ MORE

Advised by an Orthodontist to Have my Upper Palate 'Split' (His Words) Open to Fix a Cross Bite on the R/h Side (photo)

I am 23 years old and my orthodonist has advised that I will require surgery to fix my cross bite (split open my upper palete and have an expander) -... READ MORE

As a 49 year old, will braces/Invisalign fix my canted smile? Will braces broaden my smile/palate? (Photo)

Will braces fix my canted smile. I had braces as a teen but my teeth have moved considerably. I have slight skeletal asymmetry (nose, eyes). Will... READ MORE

What Will Correct my Bite into my Palette? (photo)

I had braces for 3yrs and had them off for 3yrs now. Im very good about wearing my retainers (I'm super OCD when it comes to my teeth) I always had an... READ MORE

Are braces + extractions or surgery able narrow the width of a palate? (photos)

When I was younger, I was instructed by my orthodontist to get my palate expanded because she felt that my palate was a bit narrow. Looking back at my... READ MORE

I have crooked teeth, maloccolusion and tmd. I am looking to get braces to resolve the first two issues. (photos)

I need to know whether i should get my palate expanded or is the current palate good enough. Also can the case be solved without any extraction using... READ MORE

I went to an orthodontist and he talked about jaw realignment surgery then braces with the palate. Should I do that? (Photos)

I am 20 years old and I sucked my thumb for 17 years. I want a better smile and I don't know what to do. I am a college student so being out of class... READ MORE

Palate Has Narrowed and Teeth Moved After Braces - What Should I Do?

I wore braces, and I wore my retainer religiously until 3 years ago when I lost it. During those three years I noticed my teeth slightly moving.... READ MORE

Will my face changes with Braces?

Hello, i placed braces 6 months ago. I am 26 years. I placed palatal extendors and my face changed . My arches are widder and bones look really... READ MORE

Should I pull 4 premolars vs palatal expander? Pros vs cons? They say my palate won't grow, it's just gonna tilt my teeth

Im 23,i might b getting my molars tilt out towards my cheeks with pallad expander to make room for the rest of my teeth to fit in my arches because i... READ MORE

Will wearing previous orthodontic retainer affect practicing correct oral posture?

I had orthodontic treatment with braces and had 4 tooth extractions at age 7 and wisdom teeth extracted at 14 and now I'm trying to practice correct... READ MORE

Which option seems the best? Palate expansion then braces (7 thousand) or removing teeth then braces (3 thousand) (photos)

I went to an orthordontist who told me that I would need to take two teeth away from my top row and I have two options for my bottom row: Take one... READ MORE

What happened to my teeth and how do I fix it? (photos)

The last two pictures are when I got my braces off at age 13. The first two are my teeth now at age 20. I randomly developed an open bite at age 15... READ MORE

Approx how long will it take for my overbite to be fixed with braces and will I look different for the better? (Photos)

Here is my overbite and I legit look like I have a horse mouth. Can't wait to get braces so I can have my confidence back! Give me an estimate of... READ MORE

How far can teeth be moved by orthodontics? (photos)

My canines are where my lateral incisers are supposed to be, and i want to know if they can they be moved that far back to the place they are meant to... READ MORE

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