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Do Rubber Bands or Chains on Braces Actually Work?

I am a Class III, 20 year old, with an edge to edge bite. My upper jaw falls .05mm ahead of my lower jaw. (overjet?) My question is how effective is... READ MORE

Will Bicuspid Extraction Cause TMJ?

After a number of consultations for braces (all recommended Damon), I have been informed by multiple ortho that the extraction of four bicuspid is... READ MORE

How to Correct an Overjet on an Adult? And What is the Difference Between Functional and Traditional Orthodontists? (photo)

Recently a gp dentist told me that I should see an orthodontist who could evaluate whether my overjet is a skeletal issue. I'm 21 and had braces for... READ MORE

What is Considered a Normal Overjet and Overbite?

I have about a 1 mm overjet (Class II) and a 1 mm overlap of my top/bottom front teeth. Is this normal? READ MORE

Can my Overjet Be Corrected with Tooth Extraction? (photo)

I'm 26 years old and I've been wearing braces for 18 months but still left with an overjet. I'd like to know if it can be fixed without surgery. READ MORE

Regretting 6 month smiles! I want to have them taken off midway. Would Damon Braces be a better option? (Photo)

I got the 6 month smiles braces about 2 months ago and I regret the decision. 3 weeks in I knew it was a huge mistake. I have developed a severe... READ MORE

Can braces (without tooth extraction) solve upper lip protrusion? (Photos)

I have 4mm overjet. My orthodontist told me that I need to wear a Damon brace on the upper arch and fixed traditional brace on the bottom one, and I... READ MORE

How Can Braces Correct a Bad Bite With No Overjet?

My daughter is in college and has a problem with her bite. Her front teeth hit directly over her lower teeth when she bites down, and she has no... READ MORE

Is a 9mm Overjet Serious but Small Enough to Get Braces?

My dentist said I don't need braces but I have a 9mm overjet its noticeable but apparently my teeth are fine but in the uk (where I live) if you... READ MORE

I feel like I still had an overbite after my braces? Did my ortho not take care of this problem correctly? (Photo)

I had braces and I already had 2 back upper teeth removed before getting braces then after my braces had been removed my wisdom upper and lower grew... READ MORE

I Just Got Braces for my Overjet a Month Ago. How Long Till I See Some Difference? (photo)

I'm 24, I have been wearing braces (upper teeth) for just a month now. During my 1st adjustment 3 days ago, my orthodontist said there was no teeth... READ MORE

Possible to Alter Class 2 Bite to Class One W/o Surgery?

Hi,I have a moderate Class2,deep bite& moderate overjet.From profile my teeth slope outward a bit. I hate my Class 2 since it protrudes my... READ MORE

Ex-thumb sucker best treatment for severe overjet? (photo)

In the pictures I have my mouth shut as far as I can. I sucked my thumb for 25 years. I'm 26 now and want to get my teeth corrected is braces or... READ MORE

Twin Block Appliance to Reduce 8mm Overjet in Adult?

I had braces for 4 years with unsatisfactory results, and am left with a 8mm over jet. Is it possible to use a twin block appliance to move my lower... READ MORE

If I have braces, will my nose look bigger??

I have an overjet about 5mm, so if I have teeth extracted will my nose look bigger (9or longer) ?? READ MORE

I Have About a 2mm-3mm Overjet, small Overbite and One Tooth That is A"crossbite".do You Suggest Braces or a Retainer?

I have about a 2mm overjet and small overbite with one tooth that is a "crossbite" .Do you suggest a retainer or braces?Is anything neccesary?Thankyou... READ MORE

7mm overjet, about 4-5 cm overbite...Braces?

I'm a young teenager (not revealing my age...) and I really want to know if I need braces for a major over-jet and a big overbite. My jaw is pretty... READ MORE

What does a normal bite look like and how far off am I? (photos)

I'm near the end of my ortho treatment with lingual braces. Dr. gave me elastics to wear to correct an open bite and overjet. I was given a vague "few... READ MORE

How long will it take for my two extraction gaps to close? (photos)

I'm 15 years old and I've had my braces for 5 months. I always thought I had near perfect teeth, except for my 9mm overbite/overjet. My teeth are... READ MORE

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