Overcrowding + Braces

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Will Bicuspid Extraction Cause TMJ?

After a number of consultations for braces (all recommended Damon), I have been informed by multiple ortho that the extraction of four bicuspid is... READ MORE

Will Braces Fix my Severly Overcrowded & Crooked Teeth? (photo)

I have went to several dentists but have been told that my left canine (which overlaps my left inscisor) would need to be removed or that braces would... READ MORE

How long it would take to straighten my teeth? They are overcrowded. (photos)

Would I need to have any teeth removed ? Also how much would it cost. READ MORE

Braces for Adult with Overbite and Overcrowding?

I am 42 years old and have overcrowded teeth (I have all of my wisdom teeth; their eruption pushed all other teeth together), resulting in frequent... READ MORE

Would it be a waste of money to get braces? I have crowding, an overbite, and a chip in my front tooth (Photo)

I'm almost 19. When I was younger I sucked my thumb and now have an overbite. I have crowding on the bottom and on the top also they slightly cross in... READ MORE

Do you think its necessary for me to have upper teeth extractions in order to have braces? (photos)

Hi i'm 35 and considering to wear braces to fix overcrowding on the top row of my teeth. I've seen 3 orthodontists and all 3 said i need to have both... READ MORE

How long will I need braces for? (Photo)

I'm 15 & my dentist told me I really should get braces, because I have overcrowding and am at high risk of gum disease due to my high canines. She... READ MORE

Would extracting four premolars be detrimental to my facial profile? (photo)

Okay, so my ortho wants to extract for premolars to help my overbite and crowding. I'm very scared about this procedure, as I read it can ruin the... READ MORE

Can extraction of four 1st/2nd bicuspids help with not overcrowded teeth with protrusion? (photos)

I had done braces 6 months ago without extraction. My concern is if I do go ahead with extraction now, would the teeth become too retracted in as my... READ MORE

I have really high upper canine teeth, overcrowding and crooked teeth. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

I'm a 21 year old getting braces . I have really high canine teeth on my upper jaw due to lack of space. One of the dentist I visited said he would... READ MORE

Is having all 4 of my bicuspids (1st premolar) extracted necessary for fixing my overbite? (photos)

I am 21 years old. I just started the process of getting braces. I have got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed in October and I am not sure if removing... READ MORE

Should I Stop Wearing my Retainer?

I had 4 extractions to fix my overcrowding. Now I am very unhapppy with my smile as my teeth retracted way too far in and my teeth almost do not show... READ MORE

I Work on TV. Really Would Like a Pretty Smile, but Braces Aren't Really an Option. What Can I Do? (photo)

I have minor overcrowding on top & bottom, slight overbite, very small lower jaw, both have V arches. Weak lips. My teeth are tiny & flat... READ MORE

Is having 4 teeth extracted to get braces necessary for my teeth to be properly aligned? (Photo)

I am 21, will soon be getting braces and was told due to my over crowding I need to have 4 teeth extracted, 2 upper and 2 lower bicuspid. I've been... READ MORE

Removing Only One Lower Premolar?

My lower teeth are not centrally aligned, they're shifted to right and are quite overcrowded with the canines partially overlapping the lateral... READ MORE

What Treatment Would You Recommend for my Teeth, Overcrowding and Shifted to the Right? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and I've had overcrowding for some years. I'm extremely self conscious about my smile. What treatment would you recommend and is... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have More Teeth Filed During Treatment for Invisible Aligners? (photo)

I have started treatment with invisible RX aligners. My teeth are slightly overcrowded so I had 8 teeth filed to commence the treatment. I am on my... READ MORE

Will I be able to get Invisalign? (Photo)

I'm 16, and I have crowding, an overbite and a snaggle tooth. ( canine tooth ) that is pushed far out. READ MORE

Can someone explain changes after deep overbite treatment? (photo)

I was in braces for 4 years for deep bite and crowding. I'm currently in the retainer phase of the treatment but i noticed some unusal facial changes.... READ MORE

How to Get Free or Cheap Braces I Am Really in Need of Them Bad?

I am a low income and am 20 years old. The only kind of insurance that I have is medicaid living in Idaho. I have about the most aweful crooket teeth... READ MORE

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