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When is a Retainer Used Rather Than Braces?

 How effective are retainers when used as an alternative to braces to fix crooked teeth? READ MORE

Discontinued Using Retainer

I had an orthodontic treatement 3 yrs back.i used the retainer for a period of just few months and discontinued it.Now i feel there is a change in the... READ MORE

What Are the Options if Braces Won't Correct an Overbite?

How likely is the need to have the  jaw broken to correct an overbite if regular braces are not enough? What procedures are available? READ MORE

Braces to Move Just One Tooth?

I was lucky to be born with perfectly straight teeth -- except, as I've gotten older, one of my bottom right teeth (the one just before the canine, in... READ MORE

How Can I Close my Gap and How Long Will It Take?

Hi I've always had a gap between my teeth as I have oversized gums, but had braces for two years which corrected all this. However, despite... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent my Two Front Teeth from Separating?

They recently took off my braces and gave me retainers. I put them on at night and when i wake up they are straight and together. But after a few... READ MORE

How Can Lower Jaw Can Be Brought Forward to Its Place Without Surgery?

Hello.I had my braces on 7 months ago and after that I actually started noticing dramatic changes in my face.The lower jaw fell back(probably due to... READ MORE

Gap After Molar Extraction / Teeth Drift - Close Gap w/ Braces or Create Gap for Bridge?

Dear Doctor, I am 28 years old & had a molar extracted 3 years ago; there's been teeth drift and only 20% of space is remaining. An Implant is... READ MORE

Best Option for Out-of-place Canine Tooth?

I'm a 21 yr old female who's had braces (and biteplate, spacers, and headgear). See picture. Mostly my teeth are straight, but with a... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Bucked Looking Two Front Teeth? (photo)

I've recently noticed that my two front teeth are being pushed forward more and more, the one on the right much worse, and was wondering why this... READ MORE

What Happens Once Jaw Bone / Teeth have Shifted? (photo)

Where do I start? I used to have a perfect smile and in the past couple years I’ve noticed its changed and looks completely different. My gums... READ MORE

What Are My Options For An Overbite?

I am 20 years old and i have slight overbite .i feel like my lower jaw is stopped from moving forward. i want to know that braces will help to move my... READ MORE

How Severe is my Underbite? How Can I Go About Fixing This when I'm a Poor Teenager? (photo)

I'm a 16 year old teenager and my dad can't afford the money to buy braces/fix my jaw so I don't know how I'll be able to get the... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Correct my Bite Misalignment? (photo)

My bottom teeth go off to the left. I would love to have my bite aligned properly. I am not sure what the best method for me is. Any help would be... READ MORE

Missing Permanent Teeth - Best Option?

My son is 15 and is missing both of his permanent first premolar teeth. My question is...do I pull the baby teeth and move the back teeth forward with... READ MORE

I'm 21 and really don't want to have to get Braces for closing my gap, what would you recommend? (photo)

I have a little gap between my teeth what could i do to close the gap besides getting braces, im 21 and really dont want to have to get braces for the... READ MORE

Would Cutting Enamel To Remove Black Triangle Weaken my Teeth?

I am one week away to get my braces off. My teeth looks perfect, except that I have some black triangles formed between my teeth and gum. My... READ MORE

Is Surgery the Only Solution to Fix Mandible?

My daughter just turned 16 this month and she already had braces in the lower teeth, but we have noticed that her lower teeth are pointing outwards... READ MORE

Why is my Orthodontist Using the Nance Appliance for my Upper Jaw?

My 4 1st bicuspid already removed for the braces, and i'm currently wearing for it, but why would my orthodontist using upper nance holding arch... READ MORE

Problems After Orthodontic Treatment

I had my braces removed in May. My orthodontist left me with a horrible bite where my front teeth are hitting and my back teeth are not touching.... READ MORE

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