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Can Occlusal Adjustment Really Fix my Bite Problems or Do I Need Orthodontic Work?

I had braces when I was young, but my retainer didn't fit after a while, so I stopped wearing it. Then I had four pregnancies and realized that my... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of a Buccal Occlusion?

I've been to my orthodontists, and for a year I have been told that my braces will be coming off (out of over three years of treatment). My file... READ MORE

I Am Getting my Braces Removed, but Do my Teeth Have a Class I Occlusion? (photo)

My orthodontist estimated I would have them for 18 months, but he is taking them off next month. I cannot tell if I have a class I occlusion or if my... READ MORE

Complex Bite Problem?

Hello, my bite, which was absolutely perfect before an oral hygienist gave me an "occlusal adjustment" after fillings, went haywire afterward and... READ MORE

Can my Case Be Treated Without Extraction of Any Molar? Don't Mind Taking out Wisdom Tooth Though. Age 31yrs (photo)

My particular case involves with: 1. a protruding canine in the upper right side, 2. an extra wisdom tooth in upper left 3. Mid-line misaligned /... READ MORE

Can braces cure my facial asymmetry, or would another non surgical procedure help?

I am having facial asymmetry. Left side face is broader than right side. I am using braces for midline diastema and class 1 malocclusion. Can braces... READ MORE

Is it standard practice to remove braces when the molars do not align well and one is unable to efficiently? (Photo)

I have had braces for 18 months my front teeth seem well aligned but my molars do not occlude at all I cannot effectively chew a salad for instance... READ MORE

I had braces on my maxillary and i removed it after 5 months because i lost my lip fullness. how to get teeth back?

Sir i had braces on maxillary teeth and removed after 5 months because i lost my lipfullness and worst profile before treatment it was class1 after... READ MORE

Ive just recently had my braces removed after a year and i feel as if I still have an occlusion. (photos)

Ive just recently had my braces removed after a year and i feel as if I still have an occlusion. My orthodontist says my bite and teeth are fine. I... READ MORE

Are my head nerves getting blocked by headgear that I wear for dental treatment?

My orthodontist has given me a headgear to correct my occlusion which goes all the way through head to chin. I am wearing it from my last 3 months.... READ MORE

How can occlusion be fixed if I get the top braces removed?

I have had top braces for 4 years now...long story, and still not happy with the result but it is what it is. Now I am getting my bottoms done but was... READ MORE

What is the best treatment or orthodontic appliance for my 15 year old daughter?

My daughter wearing braces for 7 years already the occlusion still off. She's still have 6 mm or more overjet. According to her doctors there is also... READ MORE

I'm 47 and have bad occlusion as per my prosthodontist. I've been told I require braces.

I have been diagnosed with TMJ and I clench at night. I've had 5 different bite plates as a result. My prosthodontist said my clenching it's due to my... READ MORE

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