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How Long After Braces Can I Get Rhinoplasty?

Is there any conflict with getting braces on my teeth shortly before Rhinoplasty? I know with braces sometimes you take Tylenol the day you get them... READ MORE

Big Nose and Braces with Extraction. Will It Make the Nose Smaller?

Big Nose and Braces with Extraction . Will It Make the Nose Smaller? READ MORE

If I have braces, will my nose look bigger??

I have an overjet about 5mm, so if I have teeth extracted will my nose look bigger (9or longer) ?? READ MORE

Once Teeth Are Removed for Braces is There Any Way to Get Them Back?

I had braces before and I had 4 teeth removed. My mouth has gotten smaller and the space between my nose and my lips is longer. How can I get my lips... READ MORE

Can my problem be fixed with Braces? Or is there anything I can do? (photos)

As you can see in the picture my lips stick out past my nose and chin and i really want to change this. I have been researching this evening about... READ MORE

Can braces widen nose? I am extremely upset

I am a teenager and I've had braces for almost 2 years now. I had a crossbite and had my upper arch widened. My smile looks good however i have notice... READ MORE

How can I fix my asymmetric smile? (photos)

I have had braces and I am mostly happy with my teeth but I'm not sure wether the problem is musclar , with my lips or with my teeth. When I take... READ MORE

I'm wondering if braces or jaw surgery would result in better facial balance than rhinoplasty with a chin implant? (Photo)

I have long considered rhinoplasty along with a chin implant to create more facial balance. In recent years I have suffered with TMJ which led me to... READ MORE

Is it safe to have dental braces / teeth straightening treatment overlap a complex tip (revision) rhinoplasty surgery?

I'm looking to have a complex revision rhinoplasty in 6 or 7 months time. I wondered if it's wise (or not) to start dental treatment now (fixed metal... READ MORE

What will happen to my face after getting braces? (Photo)

Will my nose become more defined, lips become thinner and cheeks become less chubby after getting braces? READ MORE

I Have a Large Overbite and TMJ. When This Problem is Corrected Will my Nose Be Smaller?

On the 25th of next month i will be getting braces for my overbite and also i will be doing therapy on my case of TMJ. READ MORE

How can I fix my side profile? Braces, chin implant or rhinoplasty?

I had chin implant rhinoplasty few months ago had braces got my upper teeth straight stopped braces treatment since I was moving out of state my... READ MORE

Crooked smile and uneven teeth sizes. Could this also be affecting my crooked face? (photos)

I am bey unhappy with my teeth and smile. Everything seems to go up on one side when I smile/ open my mouth. Also my nose is very crooked and goes up... READ MORE

What is up with my jaw? (Photos)

I feel like my entire jaw is completely crooked. This resulted in an uneven chin and smile. What can I do? I've had braces for about a year when I was... READ MORE

I currently have braces and have noticed a deviated midline, can this be fixed? (Photo)

I'm about 2 years into my treatment, and I believe my orthodontist is working on my bite at the moment...but I've recenlty come to notice what I... READ MORE

Can I have cosmetic dentistry for edge to edge bite/tooth that has had root canal treatment? (photos)

Two years ago because of very less edge biting, one of my teeth chipped off and I was suffering sensitivity in upper front on the left side teeth... READ MORE

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