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How Can Lower Jaw Can Be Brought Forward to Its Place Without Surgery?

Hello.I had my braces on 7 months ago and after that I actually started noticing dramatic changes in my face.The lower jaw fell back(probably due to... READ MORE

Can my Bite Be Fixed with Rubber Bands and Not Surgery? (photo)

I have been in braces for almost 4 years. I switched mid way to new orthodontist. The first orthodontist said they could fix my bite with rubber bands... READ MORE

I have a slight overbite, can I have correction without surgery?

I have a slight overbite that makes my chin look weak. When I move my lower jaw slightly forward my profile is much stronger. I have already had... READ MORE

How to bring my jaw forward in a non-surgical manner? (photos)

So i got my braces about two and half years ago. Since then i realised changes to my facial structure. The lower jaw fell back as a result,my chin has... READ MORE

Can my underbite be fixed without surgery? (photos)

I absolutely do not want to get surgery done I don't have the extra money nor time does anyone think this can be treated with braces. READ MORE

Can my underbite be fixed with braces without surgery? (Photo)

I have an underbite which is pretty bad, but it seems like to me the spacing of my button teeth enhance it will braces fix this and help my bite?... READ MORE

Is there any way to bring lower jaw forward in adults with braces and without surgery? (Photo)

My xray reports are 2 yrs old when i started with braces. I am 24 yrs old and i want my jaw to be forward without surgery. Can Herbst, MARA , Twin... READ MORE

I hate my teeth; I want to get opinion if my bite can be corrected without jaw surgery? (Photos)

I'm always afraid to smile because my teeth look horrible face look long... I want to get opinion if my bite can be corrected without jaw surgery... READ MORE

Moving lower jaw forward: Do-able without surgery in my case? (photos)

Hey, I want to change some things with my teeth/jaw and was wondering if it's possible without surgery. Picture 1 is my profile completely relaxed.... READ MORE

How to correct crossbite without surgery? (Photo)

I have a cross bite that I would like to fix but I'm not willing to go down the surgical route. Is there any possibility of getting it corrected or... READ MORE

Can my son's open bite be helped with just orthodontics? (photos)

Is there anyway to fix my son's open bite without surgery? We saw an oral surgeon this week who seems to think he needs total joint replacement. He is... READ MORE

Is there any other way besides surgery to give me a beautiful smile? (Photo)

I'm a 27 year old female and I have a severe open bite from thumb suckingsucking in childhood. As time has gone by I've grown accustomed to my tongue... READ MORE

Can my extremely big open bite be corrected without surgery? (photos)

I've been a thumb sucker for 35 years. I've just stopped sucking my thumb on my birthday. I want my teeth corrected but worry no procedure short of... READ MORE

I have misaligned teeth due to thumb sucking in my childhood. I'm 23, female and would like to correct this through Braces?

I am thinking of invasilign or incognito braces. I am providing a picture which closely represents my facial problem. Could you please explain what... READ MORE

Fix weak jaw without surgery? (Photo)

I have a weak jaw which has been bothering me my whole life. I definitely have TMJ which is bothersome but I'm more concerned by the way it looks. My... READ MORE

Will braces fix my jaw which sticks out too much ? (photos)

I have a slight underbite and am getting braces soon to hopefully fix that problem. I feel as my lower jaw sticks out too much and I want to get that... READ MORE

I have an underbite with crowded teeth and I am 27 years old. I badly want them fixed without surgery. Any suggestions? (photo)

Can I fix my underbite teeth without actually going for surgery? If you look closely, my lower 8 tooth below are underbite. I have seen reviews of Dr.... READ MORE

Can braces cure my facial asymmetry, or would another non surgical procedure help?

I am having facial asymmetry. Left side face is broader than right side. I am using braces for midline diastema and class 1 malocclusion. Can braces... READ MORE

Slight overbite and weak profile / lower jaw, can it be corrected without surgery? (photos)

My lower jaw used to be very weak, and it made my profile look bad (weak chin, big nose). After 3 years of wearing braces it got better, the jaw is... READ MORE

Do you think I can fix my underbite without surgery? (photo)

Im only 15, but if i can't fix it completely can i at least make it less noticable. READ MORE

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