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Is there a natural or quick way to straighten my overbite/crossbite? (photo)

This is more of a social concern, with the addition that my dentist has told me that my overbite might cause grinding on the lower front teeth. I... READ MORE

Could I ever have a beautiful natural smile? (Photos)

Is it ever possible to have a beautiful smile? Will my front teeth ever touch? Would braces fix my problem? Could I ever close the gap? haven't sucked... READ MORE

Can I get a natural smile back? Why does this happen abnormal look come all of a sudden?

After a year of wearing braces, the doctors suggested me to have a smile correction done and 4 of my premolars were removed as they were too strong..A... READ MORE

I can't close my lips naturally? (Photos)

Hello this is really bothering me.I am 22 years old and i cant close my lips naturally.i had this problem was from beginning itself when i was a child... READ MORE

How can I fix my gummy smile? (Photo)

I'm very self conscious about my gummy smile... I know my teeth aren't perfect either. That's I'm going to get braces later this year. I was wondering... READ MORE

How long will it take my canine to fall into its natural place after having a URA fitted?

My orthodontist has said I can get a URA fitted instead of a fixed brace. I'm just ordering how long my canine will take to come down? As you can see... READ MORE

I had braces for 4-5 yrs and they've been off for 1 year. My mouth doesn't close naturally. Help? (photo)

I am noticing now that my mouth doesnt close properly and naturally. I have to force it to close. Moreover my upper lip is very thin as compared to my... READ MORE

Is there any possible way I can close this gap and maintain my natural teeth? (Photos)

I have gap as seen in the photos is there any possible way I can close this gap and maintain my natural teeth. How long will it take to get it closed.... READ MORE

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