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What Can I Do to Correct my Bite Misalignment? (photo)

My bottom teeth go off to the left. I would love to have my bite aligned properly. I am not sure what the best method for me is. Any help would be... READ MORE

Is my underbite severe or mild? How much does a surgery cost? I'm from the Philippines (Photo)

I think my jaws are misaligned...what kind of surgery do i need?please help..by the way im 28 years old READ MORE

Braces for Misaligned Jaw in Adults? (photo)

Hi, I'm 26 and I was told today that my jaw is misaligned and my upper jaw is also narrow. I don't know how to better explain it in english, so I hope... READ MORE

Aside from jaw surgery, how can I fix misaligned teeth/crooked smile? (Photo)

For as long as I can remember I've noticed that my jaw deviates to one side, and an oral surgeon confirmed this for me. I believe this is why my top... READ MORE

I have a set of crooked lower teeth and protruding upper front teeth. Are Braces Necessary? (photo)

I have a set of crooked lower teeth (the two central, the laterals a little behind them, the cuspids tilted and covers the laterals slightly) and... READ MORE

Missing Teeth 5 and 25 How to Fix It with Braces? Do I Have to Have Implants for the Perfect Bite?

I'm wearing braces to correct a treatment done a long time ago. I have two missing teeth 5 and 25, the space has been closed already, but the right... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Two Different Sized Sides of the Face?

I had braces and I do feel as if my jaw is not alligned anymore - my lower and upper teeth don't match up. I also have my hairline farther back on my... READ MORE

I Only Have One Tooth That is Misaligned, Are Braces Necessary? (photo)

I had a childhood accident that pushed one of my front two teeth far back. Oral surgery was performed and the two teeth were aligned. A few years... READ MORE

Teeth no longer line up after braces. Is it fixable? (Photo)

I had braces for the 2nd time to bring my two canine teeth forward and back into position. I had the Quad Helix brace to push my teeth forward. The... READ MORE

What is the cheapest/quickest way to fix misaligned two front teeth after braces? (Photos)

I never wore my retainers & 4 years ago I noticed my two front teeth began to shift. One tooth is shorter than the other because it's pushed back.... READ MORE

My bottom teeth haven't uncrowded at all and I have had them on for almost a year now. (Photo)

No only do I now have misaligned teeth which I never had before, the slight crowding in my teeth haven't moved at all. I tried arguing that it's the... READ MORE

I have traditional braces to correct my 4mm overjet, midline misalignment and malocclusion on both sides. (Photo)

I have moved countries & I have to restart my braces treatment. I went to a couple of orthodontists, and one told me to correct this overjet, I would... READ MORE

Misaligned Front Teeth After Braces? (photo)

I recently got my braces off and I've noticed my top front teeth are misaligned/uneven. I wear my retainers everyday and my orthodontist never... READ MORE

I Have a Misaligned Jaw and One Side of my Face is Longer Than the Other? (photo)

Right now i have braces but I would like to know if this is the right way to fix my problem, or if you would do something differently. Thanks for your... READ MORE

How Can a Combination of Uneven Tooth Lengths & Gaps Be Fixed? (photo)

Over the past few years, my teeth have become increasingly misaligned; my gap has grown, one of my front teeth sticks out much farther than the others... READ MORE

I have misaligned teeth due to thumb sucking in my childhood. I'm 23, female and would like to correct this through Braces?

I am thinking of invasilign or incognito braces. I am providing a picture which closely represents my facial problem. Could you please explain what... READ MORE

Misaligned bite, and get headaches as well as hearing popping clicking sounds in my jaw. Do I need braces?

I have a misaligned bite. I get headaches when I wake up, after I get done eating, clenching my jaw, and running. I hear poping/ clicking sounds I'm... READ MORE

What is the Minimum I Can Do to Fix my Teeth? (photo)

My teeth are misaligned by a tooth and I have a longer incisor and a crooked tooth in the front. I have gone to one person for a consultation to have... READ MORE

How long will I need to wear braces for my crooked upper teeth? Is there an alternative to braces and Invisalign?

How long do I have to wear braces for a misaligned incisor and canine? I'm already 18 years old. I think I may also have an overbite and I've been... READ MORE

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