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Do Rubber Bands or Chains on Braces Actually Work?

I am a Class III, 20 year old, with an edge to edge bite. My upper jaw falls .05mm ahead of my lower jaw. (overjet?) My question is how effective is... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Mandible Advancement Surgery (BSSO) with Just Lower Braces?

Had braces as an early teen to align teeth&correct bite.I have always had/hated my weak chin(underdevloped mandible). Considering chin implant but... READ MORE

Braces with Mandible (Lower) Jaw Surgery?

It was recommended that I have lower jaw surgery even though my teeth are straight my profile is off & my jaw clicks. Orthodontist told me since... READ MORE

Skeletal Class II division 1 malocclusion, retrusive mandible, excessive overjet, deep overbite: 31-year-old. Braces? (Photo)

A orthodontist said I have: " a skeletal Class II division 1 malocussion which is characterised by an retrusive mandible, excessive overjet (I think... READ MORE

I developed TMJ and then an anterior open bite(about 5mm). Is there a form of orthotics to allow healing/stabilization to occur?

I just went to an Ortho for TMJ. A 360 xray shows L TMJ with degen. My R looks more normal. (R side is where its sore and tinnitus reside).I think I... READ MORE

Do I have a jaw/mandibular deformity? (Photos)

So I had braces a few years ago to straighten my teeth and correct under bite which wasn't too bad. I've visited several plastic surgeons who have... READ MORE

What treatment is the optimal to correct my teeth/lips/jaw/smile/face? (Photos)

What treatment should be considered to correct my teeth/smile/jaw/lips (braces, DNA appliance, mandibular advancement surgery, lips surgery etc). My... READ MORE

I am looking for a name of a orthodontic appliance that can stretch my maxilla forward creating more tongue space.

I had retraction/extraction orthodontics at age 13 - 14 y/o. I suffer from ringing in the ears, vertigo, lack of tongue space, mild sleep apnea, among... READ MORE

Can a forward rotated mandible be caused by cervical headgear?

When my daughter was about 10, we started orthodontic treatment which included retainers and headgears. The position of her jaws looked normal back... READ MORE

My left mandible is larger & lower than my right. Why is this so and how can I correct it? Could braces fix this problem?(photo)

This problem makes my left eye droop and my left chin bone pointy. How much would it cost to fix this? I never had braces could this be the problem? READ MORE

Would it make a difference if I just always settle my lower mandible forward?

I have an overbite, however my upper front teeth slant inward. My upper teeth settle almost completely over my bottom teeth. Will appliances such as... READ MORE

Is it okay to replace my mandibular second premolar with first molar?

My mandibular second premolar was extracted and then when I had braces, the dentist put a bracket on my first molar that cause the tooth to replace my... READ MORE

Can MARA,HERBST etc REPOSITION mandible forward even if my 4 bicuspid are extracted . Question is for Functional orthodontists

Had orthodontic treatment due to deep overbite . The ortho removed my 4 bicuspid teeth and made my upper front tipped backwards which caused my lower... READ MORE

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