Malocclusion + Braces

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Ceramic Braces for Poor Occlusion? (photo)

I am a 19 year-old female who already had braces as a teenager. However, in the time since I've had my braces off (2+ years), my jawbone has grown,... READ MORE

I have a Class 3 Malocclusion underbite, I am given two options when I went for my consultation; please help me to choose?

Option1:Orthodontics treatment bringing the lower tooth units inside producing normal bite without extractions but the lower jaw would still be the... READ MORE

Is This Malocclusion Class 2, Division 2? (Photos)

I'm 29, and I've wanted to fix my crowding problem. I recently saw an ortho, and was told that I needed jaw surgery to fix this problem properly,... READ MORE

Will Braces Fix My Overbite?

I have a class 2 malocclusion and it is a result of my underdeveloped chin. I plan on getting a sagittal split osteotomy in the future to move my... READ MORE

Skeletal Class II division 1 malocclusion, retrusive mandible, excessive overjet, deep overbite: 31-year-old. Braces? (Photo)

A orthodontist said I have: " a skeletal Class II division 1 malocussion which is characterised by an retrusive mandible, excessive overjet (I think... READ MORE

Will a palatal expander work for me? (Photo)

I just recently turned 20, I think I have a class 1 malocclusion my jaw is quite narrow as are the arches of my teeth. I'd like to know if a palate... READ MORE

I have crowded teeth, class 2 malocclusion and TMD. I'm getting braces to straighten teeth; could they make the TMD worse?

Hi, I am 26 years old and have been suffering from TMD for the last 7 years. I have crowded teeth for which I am getting braces not for the TMD the... READ MORE

My surgeon cancelled my upper/lower jaw surgery 2 days out. Any suggestions? (photos)

Help! chronic headaches, chewing/biting issues, jaw/muscle soreness. in braces for over 3 yrs.1st 2 bicuspids removed due to crowding. Then... READ MORE

What is the best treatment plan?

I have malocclusion class 2 div 2 .. also my centrals are retroclined a little bit .. my lateral incisors are rotated.... I consulted an ortho and he... READ MORE

Do I need braces or a retainer?

Personnally it will be better to have a retainer rather than braces. My down teeths look very good but the upper looks awful.i think that i have... READ MORE

Deep bite issue with class 2div 2 malocclusion. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am having sensitivity in my lower teeh because of deep bite.. My third molars are also impacted. But my dentist said dont waste your money and time... READ MORE

My problem is bimaxillary protrusion class 1 malocc, Do I have to do the surgery or braces can do the treatment? (photos)

I will drag some of my smile pictures before braces so that you can see my case. I have got clear braces one month ago and I will take off 4 molars... READ MORE

Class III malocclusion - will braces be enough to fix my case or will I need surgery? (Photo)

Hi I'm wanting to get my underbite fixed I think my case is pretty mild but have read a lot of conflicting things on if braces alone can fix it or if... READ MORE

25 Year Old Slow Expansion with HAAS?

I am a 25 year old female undergoing slow expansion with HAAS. I have a class 3 malloclusion/crossbite. I am first trying the slow expansion for a... READ MORE

Class II Malocclusion, Overjet, Gummy Smile, Big Teeth (Photo)

29 years old Have had a headbrace, braces x2, retainers and wisdom teeth removed. Want to be able to bite with my front teeth and not have such a... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for TMJ and class 2 malocclusion after Braces?

My daughter had braces age 12-14 to correct a deep bite, overbite and crooked teeth. A year after braces were off, she began getting audible clicking... READ MORE

I have class III malocclusion. It was already 2 years since I started my orthodontic treatment, but it looks worse (Photo)

I'm a 23 yo female. At first my upper and lower incisor relation is edge to edge. I started my orthodontic treatment in 2013. My orthodontist said... READ MORE

When to extract teeth when getting Braces? Extractions add over a year to the treatment time yet not required? Confused. (photo)

I was diagnosed as a Class 2 Div 2 Malocclusion with .8mm Overbite and .4mm Overjet. I definitely want to go the Damon braces route. My concern is... READ MORE

Can you tell me what kind of bite this is?

I've clearly got some kind of malocclusion going on - not to mention a lip incompetence - but I'd like to get a professional's description of it, so... READ MORE

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