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Too Old For Braces?

Hi Doctor, Im 27 yrs old male want to put braces on my teeth. I met a dentist but she says im too old to put braces on..Is it right ? READ MORE

Best Way to Close a Wide Gap, Braces or Aligners?

I have been living with this for 28years now.Though,when i was 9years the gap wasnt all that wide. Now a 10months old finger can pass through it. I... READ MORE

Did Braces Ruin My Gums and Teeth?

I had (normal sized) teeth and my ortho didn't care about my results, just that I paid. Braces off for a year, after lots of brushing, my teeth... READ MORE

Missing Permanent Teeth - Best Option?

My son is 15 and is missing both of his permanent first premolar teeth. My question I pull the baby teeth and move the back teeth forward with... READ MORE

Can Braces Move An Adults Jaw Forward Even Slightly?

I am 26 and have an ugly overbight. mild crowding and they are not straight it seems like my jaw is not as far forward as it should be . my bite is... READ MORE

I Have a Weak Chin but Also Very Bad Teeth. Do You Think Braces Could Fix my Look a Lot? (photo)

I'm 24 male. I have a really weak chin and was wondering if bracers could fix my weak chin at all. When I smile my chin looks perfectly fine but when... READ MORE

A somewhat severe case of midline shifting due to lost lateral incisor, need advice in planning for a treatment. (photos)

Left lateral incisor never grew back after i lost it when i was 8, now i'm almost 21, and as you can see my midline has shifted badly. My orthodontist... READ MORE

Front Tooth Crown with Braces

My son has a front tooth crown. A few months after he had braces applied to his mouth his crown area became inflammed and our son experienced some... READ MORE

Oral and Maxillofacial Question Regarding my Open Bite

I was administered a Herbst appliance while I was wearing braces when I was 12 until I was 14, for a period of 22 months or so. The open bite... READ MORE

What's an Inexpensive Way to Close Gap in the Two Front Teeth?

My 2 front teeth have gap since 4ever Im trying to find a way to permanently close it without doing braces maybe veneers can do the job. what else can... READ MORE

Can Orthognathic Surgery Help Me? If So, How Long Would I Wear Braces?

I'm a forty-two-year old male who was born with unattractive teeth. That being, it was both a blessing and a curse that I had absolutely no upper... READ MORE

What to Do About Large Front Teeth with a Gap?

I have big front 2 teeth and have a gap between them as well. How do i make it better? I went to a dentist in Kathmandu and she told me i need to do... READ MORE

Did braces cause nasolabial folds? Can getting braces put on again and extracting the two teeth correct this issue? (Photo)

I have had my braces off for about a year now, and something I've become very aware of is the fact that my cheek and upper part of my mouth are uneven... READ MORE

Should I get a maxillary palatal expander for underbite?

When 13 I got a maxillary palatal expander for my minor underbite.i would wear a headgear at night with rubber bands, and after completing it, it... READ MORE

47 yr old male considering braces to straighten teeth & make smile wider. Should I go for Invisalign or braces? (photo)

Ideally I would like to go with Invisalign. Several Orthodontist/Dentists consults have resulted in various advise. One advised to have one tooth... READ MORE

19 Year Old Son with Down Syndrome and Moderate to Severe Underbite, Wore Braces but Not Retainer, What Other Options Are There?

Not wear retainer well. Underbite has gotten more prounounced. Effect speechs..and upper teeth are are starting to wear in spots. Dentist and... READ MORE

Can I skip braces and get veneers? Will braces enhance my jawline? (photos)

I have some crowding going, along with cavities and crowns. I want to work on my smile but take the right steps. I've never whitened and I'm a chain... READ MORE

I had my braces for three years but got bad result as you can see in photo. What kind of treatment will be best? (photos)

Male 24 .how long the process will take as i previously had metal braces but no proper result m really concerned about my teeth . Want straight and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical jaw, slanted jaw, slanted bite, hemifacial microsomia? What can I do? (photo)

I am concerned about my the appearance of my jaw. This has never been something I've had before. I never had this when I was younger but since I've... READ MORE

Will braces fix my protruding lips? (Photo)

My lips protrude a lot and I can't close my mouth, will braces fix the protrusion? READ MORE

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