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Adult with Fixed Brace, Worn for 4 Months So Far, 1 Tooth Has Become Sensitive and Wobbly, is This Ok??

Hi, I am 34 with a fixed brace and I have been wearing it for the past 4 months now, I have just begun to notice that a tooth on my right upper side... READ MORE

Options For Front Teeth Hitting Each Other?

My front teeth are hitting each other, and my back teeth are not touching. I have recently noticed that my front teeth also also a bit loose from this... READ MORE

If I Removed the Back Molar Band, Would if Affect Anything?

I've have my braces for months now, but i have had a problems with the right back molar band. It bothers me a lot, sometimes it hurt because its... READ MORE

I have power chains and one of my back brackets is loose. Should I just take it off?

The glue for my back bracket came off and now the power chain is the only thing that is holding it and the bracket is sliding inward toward the other... READ MORE

The wire on my braces has snapped. It doesn't hurt, and I have an appointment in two weeks. What should I do?

The wire was loose, and then fell of two brackets. Now another piece has broken, but I have and appointment soon,.and there is no visible damage... READ MORE

Brace wire has slipped a little bit through the brackets. Is this normal where it is becoming more comfortable for me?

So I had 2 teeth pulled out on each side of my upper set of teeth. The problem is some of the wire has managed to slip through the brackets and there... READ MORE

Why did the bracket of my braces fall off completely? (photos)

I just got my braces today in the afternoon. When I arrived home at night, and started drinking soup for dinner (I don't intend on eating solid food... READ MORE

Will my teeth move with a broken permanent retainer?

I got my braces off Tuesday. it is Saturday and my permanent retainer on my bottom teeth is loose. I have an appointment on Tuesday. will my teeth move? READ MORE

Can my tooth fall out from gum recession? (Photo)

I have a permanent retainer on the bottom teeth and it became loose from the center where it abruptly put pressure on my Teeth. now I feel one tooth... READ MORE

Permanent Retainer Became Loose. Can't Go To The Dentist For One Month, Is This Okay?

Hi, My permanent retainer has come loose on or of the four teeth it is attached to. Due to being really busy at work and not wanting to take time off,... READ MORE

My orthodontist hit my front tooth with a tool really hard and now it is a bit loose. Will it tighten up or will it fall out???

I was at my orthodontist and she hit my tooth with a tool, I still have my braces on but my front tooth is a bit loose. Like by a bit I mean I can... READ MORE

My bracket is loose and I can't go to the orthodontist for 2 months (out of country)? It will slow down my treatment?

I have ceramic braces. I'm on vacation for 2 months out of country and my orthodontist knows. The last time I was there he gave me rubber bands and... READ MORE

My bottom tooth moved out of place. Is there any way i can tighten it myself?

I have both the top and bottom retainer and i wore them everyday for 4 months so my dentist said i can wear them only for night permanently.After a... READ MORE

One of my brackets came loose. What to do?

I have a passive braces last jan 2, and now one of the bracket came loose, lower right 1st molar, im now here in Singapore, my dentist is in Manila.... READ MORE

is it normal for upper front tooth to be bit loose for an hour after I wore all night a hawley retainer on the bottom teeth?

Since 3 weeks,i am wearing my hawley retainer again at night,bottom teeth only.when i wake up and remove the retainer,sometimes my upper front tooth... READ MORE

One of the Braces in my Mouth Have Gone Loose and Began to Move?

I was chewing on my bottle and i heard a snap. I felt around my mouth and i realised one of the braces have gone loos. (i can move it with my finger... READ MORE

Will l loose my front bottom teeth if l don't get braces again? (photos)

3 years with braces nott happy with the results went to other orthos, with my xrays taken1 week after removal One ortho told me l looked fine it could... READ MORE

How long will it take to straighten my tooth? (photo)

There was a milk tooth in my teeth. permanent tooth also behind that. one year ago the milk tooth was loosed, then there was a space. i thought it... READ MORE

Will my bracket being loose will it move my teeth around?

I got braces not to long ago they told me not to eat hard cady but I did my bracket fell of but I can put it back in there. But it is still vary loose... READ MORE

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