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Is It Normal for a Persons Top Lip to Be Large Even a Month After Their Braces Are Removed? Will It Ever Go Back to Normal?

I  have had my braces removed, I've had them off for a month. Before I had braces my top lip was quite small, and the area between my nose... READ MORE

What Procedures Will Fix my Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

My face has always been asymmetrical, it is more noticeable when I smile and in photos. Also, my lips are slanted and the middle of my top teeth do... READ MORE

Will Lip Position Change After Braces? (photo)

I was advised to get my wisdom teeth extracted to push/pull my teeth back with braces. I have a retrusive lower jaw and weak chin... My question is,... READ MORE

Do I need extraction for braces and how would it affect the shape of face or lips? (photos)

I hv protrude teeth and overbite.doc says i can brace without extraction.Need to expand arch and push the front in. A few concerns 1)understand... READ MORE

Can my jaws be aligned with braces? Or do I need surgery? (photos)

My upper and lower jaw are not aligned and it REALLY bothers me! They have always been like that. I can't take pictures showing my teeth and every... READ MORE

1 week post op ceramic braces, my lower lip came forward as if it is swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

7 days back i started teeth braces,,now i observe that my lower lip was swollen and it came a little bit front,,,,thats mainly due to braces which... READ MORE

Once Teeth Are Removed for Braces is There Any Way to Get Them Back?

I had braces before and I had 4 teeth removed. My mouth has gotten smaller and the space between my nose and my lips is longer. How can I get my lips... READ MORE

How can I fix my mentalis strain/lip incompetence? (photos)

I'm a teenage girl and my chin becomes wrinkly when my lips touch.I did research and I believe I have lip incompetence that leads to mentalis strain... READ MORE

What can I do about my crooked mouth, jaw, teeth, smile? (photos)

I has an inclined jaw. My lips are thick. I has a crooked set of teeth. People noticed my fully crooked mouth/jaw. For years, this is my biggest flaw.... READ MORE

How to fix protruding lips? (Photo)

Will brace and extraction help correct my facial structure? *Also my lower 2nd molar and lower 1st molar on both sides were pulled out a few years ago. READ MORE

Can my problem be fixed with Braces? Or is there anything I can do? (photos)

As you can see in the picture my lips stick out past my nose and chin and i really want to change this. I have been researching this evening about... READ MORE

What will happen to my face after getting braces? (Photo)

Will my nose become more defined, lips become thinner and cheeks become less chubby after getting braces? READ MORE

Do I have a weak chin or do my teeth make it less defined? Or protruding lips? (photos)

I think that I don't have the strongest chin but also I feel like my teeth push my lips outwards. Would my profile be improved by just removing teeth... READ MORE

Is Braces making my face more sunken? (photo)

I had only one upper bicuspid extracted prior to braces. I am now noticing facial changes such as a more sunken look , bigger nose and less lip... READ MORE

Will braces fix my protruding lips? (Photo)

My lips protrude a lot and I can't close my mouth, will braces fix the protrusion? READ MORE

After braces my teeth have tilted and create a shadow on my lips. How can I improve my smile & lips? (photo)

Hi, I had braces for four years to fix an overbite. On my fourth year of braces I had 4 wisdom teeth removed & 2 extra lower teeth removed. My braces... READ MORE

I'm 26. Would braces improve my look? (Photo)

My teeth in alignment but jaw line is outside so if i will go for braces at this age can it be better and is there any impact on my lips or after it i... READ MORE

Will Braces change in the position of lips?

Hlw dr,I just wana know dt if I put braces on my teeth,will I get any facial changes because I really don't like my facial my upper front teeth... READ MORE

Why am I unable to close my lips? (Photos)

I have undergone 2 times treatment. Still, I am unable to close lips. And on open mouth also upper teeth biting lower lips. I'm frustrated by this. I... READ MORE

Will fixing an upper occlusal cant caused by slanted teeth affect the lip positioning? (Photo)

I have a bit of an Upper Occlusal Cant caused by slanted teeth upper teeth. My right side is higher than the left side and when I close my mouth I can... READ MORE

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