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Invisible retainer doesn't cover all my teeth. Any suggestions?

Its my first time to use invisible retainer because i want to fix the gaps between my teeth. However the retainer does not cover all my teeth. What... READ MORE

Will these fix my teeth? Will I have to get braces again to fix the bottom? Why is my orthodontist ignoring it? (Photo)

I had braces for about a year then I had the clear invisible retainers for about 8 months. They were working really well until I lost them. By the... READ MORE

I have a minor spacing issue in my upper teeth, and overjet. How long would alignment last with self-ligating ceramic braces?

How many months and how often would I have to visit the dentist? How are these braces compared to invisible aligners? READ MORE

My two front teeth are slightly inverted on the inner side. What treatment is the best suited? (Photo)

I want to get this done as fast as possible..can invisible braces be used?or the invisalign?? READ MORE

Would invisible Braces work for my teeth?

My mouth is too small for all the teeth I have, sounds silly but that's what the dentist told me. I went and checked out metal braces and my teeth are... READ MORE

What is the cheapest, fastest invisible treatment to fix my 2 teeth gaps? (Photo)

Hi! Close 2 gaps relatively fast, near-invisible treatment. I researched a lot on the web and there seems to be a lot of heated discussions on which... READ MORE

Would traditional braces on the bottom and the invisible lingual braces on top help my case? (Photo)

For years I have contemplated braces, but with a pretty smile and decently straight teeth I knew I could get away with it for awhile, especially since... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my overjet or overbite with those invisible braces? Will it also close the gaps between my teeth? (Photo)

I have about a 6mm overjet I think it's called and I really don't want normal braces. Is it possible for me to get the invisible braces? Will it push... READ MORE

Had crowns redone; are invisible braces an option? (Photos)

I put a before and after picture below. I had crowns done on both front teeth. (Insurance covered half). Is it possible to do invisible braces... READ MORE

I have 6 more weeks of the invisible aligners, but I don't want to lose my tooth as is loose any suggestions? (Photos) (Photos)

I am going through the new company smiledirect. According to my dentist my front two bottom teeth roots are shorter on my xray this year than what... READ MORE

Do invisble retainers really result in an open bite?

I just got my retainers yesterday but I noticed that they are extremely uncomfortable. Why do these retainers make me have an open bite? I can only... READ MORE

Are my teeth fixable with invisible braces? (Photo)

I have a vampire teeth and as you can see it's making layer. I was once told by dentist this is happening because my chin is too small compared to... READ MORE

Why are my invisible retainers putting gaps in between my two front teeth?

I didn't have a gap in between my two front teeth since I've got my braces off but my invisible retainers are gapping My Two Front Teeth my teeth in... READ MORE

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