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Lower Incisor Extraction Followed by Braces Left Me with an Overjet. Can This Be Fixed?

As an adult I recently had braces. I had crowding in my lower teeth so prior to braces I had one my lower incisors removed. Now, post braces, my teeth... READ MORE

Should I Remove Left Lateral Incisor for Braces (3M Clarity)?

Both of my upper lateral incisor are sticking out. The rest of the teeth are aligned & I have a nice bite both upper & lower. To correct d... READ MORE

A somewhat severe case of midline shifting due to lost lateral incisor, need advice in planning for a treatment. (photos)

Left lateral incisor never grew back after i lost it when i was 8, now i'm almost 21, and as you can see my midline has shifted badly. My orthodontist... READ MORE

Problem With Protruding Incisor And Essix

My ortho recommended I do upper arch only n added "our teeth get crowded as we age". I assume he said that coz he saw my lower incisor... READ MORE

Do I Qualify for Braces?

I want to know if I need braces, my lateral incisors are pushed outwards, and my 4 bottom teeth are pretty crooked too. I've been to the orthadonics... READ MORE

Whats Gonna Happen to my Tooth, I Have a Lateral Incisor Directly Behind my Central Incisor on Top Left Side of Mouth? (photo)

When I was a kid I had silver teeth on the front top part of my mouth. I fell out of a bunk bed and knocked all of them out. My teeth were decaying... READ MORE

My lateral incisors are peg shaped. What will be the best option available without using veneers or implants? (photos)

I will be having braces and the orthodontist suggested to remove both my lateral incisors and push my canines forward to replace them and shape them... READ MORE

What Kind of Orthodontic Procedure Would You Recommend for Two Small Gaps?

I happen to have 1 small gap on both my right and left side (so a total of two) between my lateral incisors and my canine teeth, and I wanted advise... READ MORE

How to correct a midline with missing right lateral incisor? (Photo)

I'm missing my right lateral incisor, my teeth have shifted to the right and as a result my midline is off. I also have small gaps in between a few of... READ MORE

Need Braces and Two Upper Central Incisors Implants, How to Go About It?

23F as a child sucked my thumb and pushed out the upper teeth to the front and the bottom ones slightly to the back. In first grade when i finally... READ MORE

Will braces help missing lateral incisor? (Photo)

I am 23 years old and I have always been embarrassed of my teeth. My baby lateral incisor fell out and the permanent tooth never grew. I have made a... READ MORE

Why are my front two teeth longer even after wearing braces for 2 years?

My upper central incisors are still longer than other teeth, they are also protruding a bit. However, the braces have brought them very close to the... READ MORE

My Central Incisors Have Moved to the Side? (photo)

I've had braces for almost 2years now. My baby tooth got taken out( which happened to be one of the canine) ever since then my teeth was fine at first... READ MORE

Lateral Incisors Have Been Pushed Back Very Slightly While I Was Wearing Braces?

I was wearing braces for 3 months to close a small gap between my front two teeth. Now after having my braces removed, a permanent retainer has been... READ MORE

My Lateral Incisors Are Crooked, What's the Best Solution? (photo)

My dentist never mentions any need of braces because the rest of my teeth a straight but it's just my two front Lateral Incisor. What's the best... READ MORE

Will braces fix the uneven length on my teeth and uneven gums? (photos)

I have a bad overbite and so I've had my top braces for almost a month. My top and bottom right lateral incisor is shorter than the left one. My right... READ MORE

My top and lower midline are off. Is there anyway to fix them without affecting my bite? (photos)

1st Ortho Dr - Right top canine extracted, got braces, my teeth shifted to the right. 2nd Dr - Left top canine extracted & got braces to fix my smile.... READ MORE

Central Incisor is Longer then Other and Lateral Incisor is Still Behind, is There a Solution for This with Braces? (photo)

My issue with my teeth was that my central incisors had a gap between them, my lateral incisor was behind my central incisor. I got upper braces when... READ MORE

Central Incisors Overlapping?

My central incisors are overlapping.My dentist suggest a jacket crown to fix it instead of braces. Is it a long term solution? And he suggest since... READ MORE

How long will it take to fill gap between lateral incisors and canines? (photo)

I have a gap between my lateral incisors and canines on both sides since I got my two pre molars removed for orthodontic treatment. When I smile, the... READ MORE

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