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Second Time w/ Braces. Facial Profile Changes. Options?

2nd time wearing braces,the first one i stopped during 17mths because they suggested to extract my 4 1st bicuspids, but i don't want to and... READ MORE

Braces Vs Implant

I need braces and a implant,because I have an missing tooth. confuse of what to do first. READ MORE

My orthodontist wants me to remove baby tooth coz I'm missing an adult tooth underneath and get an implant for braces.

I'm 25 and have been told my baby tooth has strong roots but ortho says it must go for braces? How can I avoid that and still get braces?! Thanks! READ MORE

Advised to Get an Implant to Replace a Decayed Tooth. My Mouth is Crowded. Braces?

As seen in the photo, on the right, bottom, second from the back is the tooth in question. My teeth, are always crowded on the bottom. Here's the... READ MORE

What Should I Do with my Gap, Implant or Braces?

Hi,I have a triangular gap in the bottom of my two front teeth like 5mm between the gum and 4mm top of the teeth. I happen to have this gap due to two... READ MORE

13 Year Old Needs Braces and I Have to Choose Between Extracting 2 Teeth or Getting 2 Implants?

I took my daughter to an orthodontist to talk about braces. Her xray showed that she is missing 2 front lower teeth and never growing in,they would be... READ MORE

Braces Might Be Required for an Implant; True?

I recently had a broken molar extracted. The orthodontist originally thought she could bring the back molar forward to close the gap, but after an... READ MORE

I am 52 and never had braces. Take on $5000 worth for braces? Will teeth rotated as we get older?

I am 52 and have gingivitis . I take good care with my teeth regular cleaning etc....I have two dentist one treating me for the gingivitis & the other... READ MORE

Missing front right tooth. Teeth straightening possible before tooth replacement?

I am 19 years old and have a missing front right tooth. My teeth are crooked so I would like to get braces or invasilign before replacing the tooth... READ MORE

I have an open bite. Should I get braces? (photo)

In order to put some implants in my mouth,i have to get braces..i do have some difficulty with the 'S' letter. i have an open bite do i really need to... READ MORE

Braces After Implants Any Possibility? (photo)

As a kid I chipped my two front teeth. I had an implant/crown done one of them and just a crown on the other. At the time I wasn't recommended braces... READ MORE

Can I wear flipper with braces? (Photo)

Need help I have a dental implant (top row front left tooth) and a missing K9 (top row left side) also I want braces to correct my teeth cross bite... READ MORE

Dental implants before braces? Should I have braces and put off the dental implant until the braces are off?

I had bone graft a month ago as part of getting three teeth implant (no 3, 13 and 19). In 2.5 months my oral surgeon will put the titanium. I just... READ MORE

Can I fix a slanted top jaw with braces and screw implants? (Photo)

I had braces around 9 years ago, unfortunately my dog (who was a puppy then) chewedy retainers twice and so my teeth moved. I'm now 26 and... READ MORE

I think my lower jaw is too small for my face and makes my profile look weird? (Photo)

When I move my lower jaw forward it makes my profile look 1000x better and actually normal. However my teeth don't fit together when I do that. My... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a denture fitted while braces are attached? (Photo)

I've had braces for 14 months, purpose of treatment was to move my midline back to the middle as before it had grown in 1cm to the left due to a... READ MORE

I Don't Know What to Do About an Implant?

I got braces a year ago and had some extractions. I have now been told that one of the gaps in my teeth is too big and they don't know what to do. If... READ MORE

Should I get braces before or after a chin implant, or does it matter which is first?

I am scheduled to have a chin implant consult for September. I always wanted braces but those cost much more than the chin implant surgery. Since chin... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my teeth in 9 months? (Photo)

Is it possible to fix my teeth in 9 months? I know that there is no lateral between my front tooth and canine. Behind my canine is a baby tooth along... READ MORE

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