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Can You Move a Canine Tooth Inward with a Hawley Retainer?

One of my canine teeth kind of sticks out. It is barely noticeable but I notice it. Is it possible to move it slightly inward with a hawley retainer? READ MORE

My braces are off and I still have a slight space in my front teeth. What can I do about it? (Photo)

It's only been 3days with braces off.. As you can see in my pic I have a small space. I do wear my Hawley retainers ,can my dr Adjust it to close it... READ MORE

Can I Get a Permanent Retainer for the First Six Months and then Switch to a Hawley to Wear at Night?

I don't want to have to have metal showing in my mouth after I get my braces off but i dont want metal still glued on my teeth for a while either so... READ MORE

I got Hawley spring retainers a month ago and now a gap is forming between my front two teeth? (photo)

I had braces taken off two years ago, but went back to the ortho to get spring retainers to straighten out some misalignment in the front teeths. I... READ MORE

What is a Retainer (Hawley) Made Of?

Hello, I've just gotten off my braces, and I was wondering what the material the plastic part of the retainer is made of (not the clear kind, that... READ MORE

Pain from hawley retainer?

My son was diagnosed with underbite and ortho prescribed us expander for upper jaw for 6 months with facial mask and hawley retainer at the bottom for... READ MORE

Can Hawley Retainers Close Gap That Formed After Braces Were Removed?

My braces were removed day before yesterday and I got both upper and lower permanent retainers spanning 6 teeth (both upper and lower). Impressions... READ MORE

Can Hawley Retainers Be Adjusted? (photo)

I got my braces off six months ago and have been wearing my retainers all day, every day. However, my top row of teeth have moved and are beginning... READ MORE

How will an Hawley retainer close the Gap in my front teeth? (photo)

Ok I took off my braces a bit over a year ago, had been on clear then fixed retainers. I guess in beetwen the waiting of an appoitment without... READ MORE

Can the Hawley Retainer straighten teeth?

I have fixed retainer on but my teeth moved a bit although they're still in place and ive been told that hawley retainers can put my teeth back in a... READ MORE

Can Hawley retainers fix a small relapse or do I have to wear braces again? (photo)

I wore braces five years ago and went from clear retainers to Hawley's after the first six months which I have worn faithfully every night. When the... READ MORE

Will my teeth shift if I continue wearing a Hawley retainer with a broken wire on one side? (Photo)

My hawley retainer wire broke at where it clamps onto the back teeth. my orthodontist had cut off the entire wire part on the right side. and told me... READ MORE

Will IPR help retract front teeth? How much? (photo)

I am done with my braces, with no extraction. On the day I picked up my retainer, I brought it up to my ortho that the front teeth are flaring out,... READ MORE

The glue to hold the Hawley Retainer fell off my tooth. Should I get it fixed?

I have a hawley retainer behind my bottom front teeth and the glue fell off on of my tooth. It doesn't poke me or hurt me in any way. But will it... READ MORE

Can You Move a Canine Tooth Slightly with a Hawley Retainer by Adjusting the Retainer?

One of my canine teeth needs to be slightly moved inward because it currently protrudes just slightly past where it should (It was like this when I... READ MORE

can i fix these spaces by Hawley appliance? I don't want to use Braces or Invisalign because my teeth decaying very fast.

I am 22 can i fix these spaces by hawley appliance ? i don't want to use braces or invisalign becouse my teeth decaying very fast and what are the... READ MORE

Back Hook on Hawley Retainer Came Off...Replace, Repair, or Ride On?

One of the large retainer hooks (that wraps around the back of my last molar) broke off. My Hawley retainer still fits and stays in place without it.... READ MORE

I got my braces off in may of 2013: Can wearing my Hawley retainer fix my little gaps? (Photo)

I wore my retainer for 5 months as instructed. I stopped wearing them for a while and I noticed shifting in my top teeth. I am missing one of my right... READ MORE

With this Hawley retainer, how long will it take for the space I have to close? (photo)

Shortly after I got my braces off I noticed a small space forming between my canine and other tooth. I wanted it to be closed so my orthodontist gave... READ MORE

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