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Teeth Wiggle After Braces, Is this Normal?

My 20 year old daughter had her braces removed in May. her anterior teeth still wiggle a bit, less than 1mm. Is this normal? Also, her gums became... READ MORE

Braces and Receding Gums

I am very interested in getting braces. I have some receding gums on my lower front teeth. Would I still be a candidate for braces? READ MORE

Did Braces Ruin My Gums and Teeth?

I had (normal sized) teeth and my ortho didn't care about my results, just that I paid. Braces off for a year, after lots of brushing, my teeth... READ MORE

Braces Vs Invisalign for Receding Gums

What would be the best form of braces if you have receeding gums? My front of teeth sit out too much and the front 2 are crooked. I would be keen for... READ MORE

Before I Got my Braces my Gums Didn't Show. Now They Do Will the Show Once I Get Them Off?

Before I had gotten my braces on, my gums didn't show bad. Now that I have my braces on, my gums show horribly. Will that straighten up after I get my... READ MORE

Bleeding Gums, Stains Around Brace Brackets, Bad Breath and Receding Gums? (photo)

Might as well get to the point. I've developed bleeding gums (they bleed every night when I sleep), stains around brace brackets that I have had on... READ MORE

Why my gum is coming over my teeth? (photos)

I was having a gab teeth with a little skin in the middle so I decided to get braces the dentist tool me the little skin between my teeth will pot out... READ MORE

I just got my braces off and my gums were bleeding a lot. Should I be worried?

My gums started to bleed in multiples locations but I noticed it was only on my lower jaw. They didn't bleed when I had my braces though. READ MORE

What happens if a spacer grows into your gums? (Photo)

About 3 or so months ago I got braces. Awhile before that, I had these blue rubber band like spacers in my back teeth. On one side, one of them fell... READ MORE

Are the braces on my back teeth the reason for my gums bleeding?

When I have been brushing my teeth recently, I have noticed quite a lot of blood, which had come from my top back teeth on the left. At this point, my... READ MORE

Ive had Braces and then had a Orthonathic Surgery and now 5years later I have receding gums. What can I do? (photo)

Ive had Braces and then had a Orthonathic Surgery and now 5years later I have receding gums. I went to see my dentist she sent me to a periodontist... READ MORE

Can a tight retainer cause abfractions/bone loss and gum recession?

I was always really good at wearing my retainers but for the past few years i wear them less often, they still fit but are tight. My orthodontist... READ MORE

Gums are swollen in between two front tooth after power chains has been put on to close gap. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I received power chains recently, and my gap started to close a little, thankfully. I'm having one problem though. My gums are starting to be... READ MORE

Is it normal to have bleeding from your gums and teeth when you have braces?

I just got braces on Monday and I've been bleeding from my teeth and gums I just want know is that normal And I don't have any pictures because it... READ MORE

My lower retainer is poking my gums?

I just got my braces off today, and I am SO happy with how my teeth look! Anyway, my top retainer is loose but I am getting a new one in two weeks. My... READ MORE

Will braces fix the uneven length on my teeth and uneven gums? (photos)

I have a bad overbite and so I've had my top braces for almost a month. My top and bottom right lateral incisor is shorter than the left one. My right... READ MORE

Are my gums ever going to go back to normal? Is there a way I can fix them? (photo)

I had my braces of a few days ago and my teeth look great except I have bits of gum growing in between my teeth and it looks so bad. I just want to... READ MORE

I have braces and I started flossing. My gum just started bleeding and turn red. Is this normal? (photos)

Like my gum was bleeding and I forgot to floos yesterday and it's red because of the blood I need help what so I do READ MORE

Slanted, uneven teeth with a one sided bite and excessive gums, fix? (photos)

I had braces on for 3 years and admit to losing my retainer for a month. However, certain elements were not fixed even after my braces and are... READ MORE

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