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Braces Vs Dental Facelift Procedure

Im 41, have an over bite, grind my teeth and have the type of tmj that is muscular. I like the size and shape of my teeth but some of my teeth are... READ MORE

Braces on Veneers, is It Possible?

I'm a TMD patient who has had TMD issues for 15 years. I've had my uppers restored w veneers and now considering the lowers which are worn down from... READ MORE

I Have a Dentist Who Wants to Grind Down my Teeth to Correct my Bite. Is Grinding Necessary?

I am 54, have all of my natural teeth with problems. We are working on a treatment plan for caries and a bite issue for which the consensus agreed... READ MORE

My Orthodontist wants to grind my teeth down to make my bite fit after Braces. Why didn't wearing Braces fix my bite?

That cost $7G. just finished up with braces about 5 months ago. My bite is worse now then when I started - the right side of my bite makes 100%... READ MORE

Braces? Age 35 With Accumulated Wear and Tear to my Top Teeth Due to Grinding Teeth? (photo)

Hello, I am a 35 year old woman with accumulated wear and tear to my top molars and incisors due to grinding my teeth over the years. My tooth... READ MORE

I may require 'slight grinding' (IPR) of tooth to make room for tooth to move forward...Is this a viable option? Shawn ';0(

I don't really like the idea of grinding/shaving down (IPR (inter-proximal reduction)) a perfectly healthy, solid tooth...and I only have 2 weeks... READ MORE

How long do you think I'll have to wear the braces? Is it true that these don't work as fast/ effective as metal braces? (photo)

How long do you think I'll have to wear the braces for? Is it true that these don't work as fast or effective as metal braces? Also, I have been... READ MORE

I have an out of place tooth on my front bottom teeth. What are my options to have it put in place? (photos)

I grind my teeth when I'm asleep. Wondering if braces or Invisalign are my best options or maybe even something less costly and quicker solution. READ MORE

Should I get braces or veneers? (Photo)

I dislike how little my teeth show when I smile and speak. I think my arches are too narrow, top teeth sit up too high, and my teeth are too far back... READ MORE

I have one front tooth that sticks out and the adjacent tooth is sliding underneath it. What are my treatment options? (photo)

I had braces for 8 years as a child. I also had all my teeth ground down to make more room in my mouth, had four teeth pulled, and a jaw Widener... READ MORE

After wearing my braces for 3 years, my teeth are kind of shaped like triangles or pentagons with sharp edges. Is this normal?

So, I wore braces for 3 years and got them off a week ago. the thing is my teeth are 'straight' but they are all different heights AND all my front... READ MORE

What can be done to fix this completely? (photos)

The bottom part of my mouth is tilted up more and the other 1/2 sinking.Since the age of 8 up to 15 iv'e had btm/top braces & also correction... READ MORE

Jaw movement after braces?

Before I got braces I had an overbite. I had braces for about 2 1/2 years and rubber bands were able to correct my overbite. I have had my braces off... READ MORE

My braces elastics are very strong. When I wear them, it feels like grinding my teeth and causes a headache.

Ive been wearing braces for 5 years and im so sick of them. i had a problem with my lower jaw it was to the front all that. Now i have space when i... READ MORE

Changed jawline due to correction of very deep bite or grinding? Or both? (photos)

I had a 110% deep bite and had it corrected with with braces/bite plate for over 2 years. I did it because I was grinding my back teeth so bad. I... READ MORE

Does this REALLY require $3500 braces for a year to fix? (photos)

I grind my teeth. My dentist will be putting a filling in on the bottom of my front teeth to get them back to their original shape and reduce... READ MORE

Between braces and jaw surgery, which one would be the best option to fix my cross-bite and Mandibular Prognathism?

My dentist told me that my lower jaw was pointing outward too much, while the upper jaw was inside; which caused my upper teeth to sat on top of my... READ MORE

Are my front teeth big and overcrowded? Braces? (photos)

I grind my teeth and feels like my teeth are getting more and more crowded by the day. I also have a chipped front tooth. would really appreciate if... READ MORE

I'm almost 21 years old and I am planning to put on braces. I have lost a tooth when I was around 14 years old -grinder. (photo)

What kind of braces will you recommend? I really hope that it won't take me longer than 18 months. Also am I kind of old to get braces? because most... READ MORE

Jaw surgery or braces? Please help! (photo)

I can't close my mouth properly, my chin is too far back and I have difficulty chewing/sleeping. I now grind my teeth at night (I think because I push... READ MORE

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