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How Long Would I Need Braces for Teeth Gaps?

I have straight teeth but between each tooth, I have a small to medium sized gap and a little bit of an overbite. I'm just hoping it won't take long... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Medium-sized Teeth Gap?

I am a sophomore in high school who is very self conscious of her teeth. I have a medium-sized gap, which is obviously too big to be fixed by bonding.... READ MORE

Black Triangle Gap Between my Two Front Teeth

I am getting my braces off in three weeks, and for the most part I am very happy. One of the spaces that won't close will need a little bonding, but... READ MORE

How Can I Close my Gap and How Long Will It Take?

Hi I've always had a gap between my teeth as I have oversized gums, but had braces for two years which corrected all this. However, despite... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent my Two Front Teeth from Separating?

They recently took off my braces and gave me retainers. I put them on at night and when i wake up they are straight and together. But after a few... READ MORE

Best Way to Close a Wide Gap, Braces or Aligners?

I have been living with this for 28years now.Though,when i was 9years the gap wasnt all that wide. Now a 10months old finger can pass through it. I... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Be Used After Braces?

I have already had the full metal wrap around bracket braces on my teeth to correct an overbite and space but I failed to wear my retainer after the... READ MORE

Gap After Molar Extraction / Teeth Drift - Close Gap w/ Braces or Create Gap for Bridge?

Dear Doctor, I am 28 years old & had a molar extracted 3 years ago; there's been teeth drift and only 20% of space is remaining. An Implant is... READ MORE

I think a gap between my front two teeth is growing bigger after braces, will wearing my retainers for longer help? (photo)

After braces, I've been wearing clear retainers for the past 6 months now- for varying hours. Last week, I was discharged from my dentist, however,... READ MORE

I'm 21 and really don't want to have to get Braces for closing my gap, what would you recommend? (photo)

I have a little gap between my teeth what could i do to close the gap besides getting braces, im 21 and really dont want to have to get braces for the... READ MORE

Gaps Remaining After Orthodontic Treatment

I had an incomplete orthodontic treatment when I was younger. Im in my 20s n I had another orthodontic treatment to complete it (there were gaps n 1... READ MORE

Best Treatment to Fix Gap Between Teeth?

I'm 36 and have had this gap in my front top teeth ever since I can remember. Also have a chip on one from falling off a bike. What should I do to... READ MORE

My Teeth Are Moving Even with my Retainer In?

I had braces for about 5 years and got them removed about 5 years ago. I wore my retainer faithfully but in the last 2 months the teeth began to move... READ MORE

Braces to Possible with Missing Teeth?

Hello doctor. I am missing teeth 12 & 13 and am planning on implants, but I also have a significant gap between my two front teeth that I would... READ MORE

How can I close my small gap after Braces? (photo)

I just got my braces off and I have a small gap in between my top front teeth. I hate it! and I want it to be completely straight like it's suppose to... READ MORE

My Upper Third Molar is Missing, Is it Possible to Close this Gap with Braces?

Hello my upper first molar was removed one week ago. I want to know If is possible to fill the space with second molar using braces. I dont have a 3rd... READ MORE

Braces or Invisalign For Crowding, Gaps, SnaggleTooth and Overbite? (photo)

I'm 22, crowding on the bottom teeth, and small gap and snaggle tooth at the top, and an overbite. Braces or invisalign? How long would treatment... READ MORE

Will my face change drastically with removal of bicuspids for braces? (photo)

When i first started ortho treatment my Dr. recomended to have my bicuspids removed. I said no and he agreed to try and fix my smile w/o any... READ MORE

How long will it take to close premolar extraction gaps?

I had 2 lower premolars extracted 8 weeks ago - and have had self-ligating braces with power chains for 6 weeks now to close the gaps, in preparation... READ MORE

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