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How Can I Fix my Big Front Teeth?

Hi, I guess I'm just looking for some professional opinions. I recently got my braces off. The main concern I had when I went to get them on was... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Two Front Teeth Filed Down? (photo)

I had braces, but my two front teeth still look a little large. I also don't think the braces completely fixed my overbite. I find it hard to bite... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent my Two Front Teeth from Separating?

They recently took off my braces and gave me retainers. I put them on at night and when i wake up they are straight and together. But after a few... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Me to Fix my Protrusion/front Teeth Flaring Without Extractions?

I am nervous about getting 4 bicuspids extracted. I have been searching for any other options. If it is absolutely necessary, and won't ruin my facial... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Bucked Looking Two Front Teeth? (photo)

I've recently noticed that my two front teeth are being pushed forward more and more, the one on the right much worse, and was wondering why this... READ MORE

When my Braces Are Off, Will They Slightly Shave my Front Teeth into a Perfect Shape? (photo)

Firstly, my two front teeth: One in my eyes is the perfect shape (strait bottem no chips) but the one next to it has a curved bottom and a small chip... READ MORE

I think a gap between my front two teeth is growing bigger after braces, will wearing my retainers for longer help? (photo)

After braces, I've been wearing clear retainers for the past 6 months now- for varying hours. Last week, I was discharged from my dentist, however,... READ MORE

Front teeth flare out/protrude after getting my braces off? (photo)

I just got my braces off and my front teeth seem to slant out. Is this normal? Am I overreacting? Can this be fixed with my retainer or maybe... READ MORE

Is it normal for your tooth to be loose after taking off Braces?

I just took my braces off a week ago and I have retainers now! My two front tooth are a little bit loose just a little, it feels loose! Is it normal!... READ MORE

I got my braces off yesterday but my two front teeth are still crooked. Is there anyway to fix this w/o getting braces again?

A few months ago I had noticed a difference in the way my two front teeth were. I told my ortho & he said it was fine. So a month ago I had my molds... READ MORE

Bringing Upper Front Teeth Down with Braces & Elastics?

My upper teeth show very little when I smile, and my lower teeth are mostly visible. How many mm can upper teeth potentially be brought down with... READ MORE

How can I close my small gap after Braces? (photo)

I just got my braces off and I have a small gap in between my top front teeth. I hate it! and I want it to be completely straight like it's suppose to... READ MORE

Can a Spring Aligner/Retainer Be Used to Straighten my 4 Upper Front Teeth? (photo)

I have never had braces- my teeth are fairly straight with some crowding on the top. Can a spring aligner (like Inman) be used to "push/tip" them into... READ MORE

I Have Two Front Teeth That Are Severely Overlapping, What are My Options for Aligning them? (photo)

I am getting married in 2yrs and would love to have a descent smile. I was told it was an easy fix if they removed the teeth directly next to them. I... READ MORE

I'm getting my braces off in a bit but my teeth are still stick out/ uneven. What should I do? (photos)

-top teeth stick out like crazy, and my orthodontist doesn't recommend fixing it since that requires pulling out teeth, which will mess up my jaw... READ MORE

I Got Big Front Teeth How Do I Fix It? (photo)

I am 12 years old and I worry about my front teeth which people insult me in high school like 'goofy' 'bugs bunny' ect so please give me a simple... READ MORE

I lost my retainer a month ago, teeth has shifted..Will I have to get Braces again?

I lost my retainer about a month ago but I personally don't have an extra 200 to spend. Or I didn't when I first found out I lost it....anyways my... READ MORE

Options For Front Teeth Hitting Each Other?

My front teeth are hitting each other, and my back teeth are not touching. I have recently noticed that my front teeth also also a bit loose from this... READ MORE

How can I straighten my frount teeth without braces or costly items?

Hiya, my two frount teeth are crooked but the rest of my teeth are okay. I have a modelling shoot next year and I need my teeth fixed quickly.i know... READ MORE

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