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Is It Safe to Have my Two Front Teeth Filed Down? (photo)

I had braces, but my two front teeth still look a little large. I also don't think the braces completely fixed my overbite. I find it hard to bite... READ MORE

After my braces are taken off, do they file my teeth? (photos)

After my braces are taken off do they file my teeth to make them less sharper and also is it bad to use 2 elastic bands per each side? And how much... READ MORE

Can my front tooth be filed down? (photos)

My two front teeth are no longer straight, one has clearly jutted out in the last two years. I had braces years ago and aren't an option right now.... READ MORE

Will a gap between my tooth and my gum ever close? (Photo)

Will my orthodontist be able to file my teeth so they can all be straight ? READ MORE

Filing down my smile? (Photo)

Hey, I used to have braces for two years and after I had them removed, I noticed for the first time how large my smile was. I've grown accustomed to... READ MORE

Could a dentist file this tooth down? (Photo)

I had braces years ago but never wore my retainer unfortunately. Now my bottom teeth are very crowded. I was wondering if a dentist could file my one... READ MORE

Can anything be done to make my teeth straight? (photos)

My two front teeth are extremely longer that the other and clearly curved, I asked my dentist if she could file them down and she said she prefer not... READ MORE

Should I get braces or file my 2 front teeth? (photos)

My 2 front teeth are very large and long compared to the teeth next to it READ MORE

Braces: Will the gaps be filled? (photo)

I've had my braces on for 7 month now. My top two were crooked as was one pushed under the other due to over crowding. They have been pulled out now... READ MORE

Can my tooth be filed? (photo)

One of my front teeth overlaps the other. I was wondering if it's possible for that bit to be filed to make the teeth straight. READ MORE

Can a dentist file down my teeth? (photos)

I have a few teeth longer than the others, I'm wanting braces and also my teeth to be the same length, can this be done? Is it costly? READ MORE

Will my orthodontist shave down/file my teeth completely when I get my braces off? (Photo)

I am getting off my braces in 2 weeks! As you can see, my teeh are very small and I am worried about my ortho making them smaller when my braces come... READ MORE

My orthodontist filed my tooth down. What can be done to preserve or improve the appearance of this tooth? (photo)

After having orthodontic fixed braces for 12 months my orthodontist recommended the shaping of my smile line to optimise the "smile line". The tooth... READ MORE

What should I say to the orthodontist? I bugged him for months and teeth still aren't right. (photo)

Dr. put front tooth bracket on too low in comparison to other front tooth. Months later one tooth longer. Told Dr 100x about it he said there was... READ MORE

Should I get bonding on several teeth to even them out or ask to file them down? Or should this be left alone? (Photo)

Put braces to straighten my teeth. In months I got an overbite & the ortho decided to shave the sides of my teeth to close the overbite faster. Ever... READ MORE

Can I file down one of my front teeth? My front teeth gums also seem uneven, is there a procedure that can fix that? (photo)

I didn't notice how odd my smile looked until I began getting more comfortable, and taking pictures! Someone pointed out that one of my front teeth... READ MORE

Why are my teeth so slanted? Did my orthodontist make a error or is my jaw tilted? How can I fix this issue? (photos)

Hi I recently got my braces off in august . I've notice don't when I take pictures my teeth are slanted . He did file my teeth down when I got them... READ MORE

Would it be safe to file down both of my front teeth to make them even? (photos)

A few days ago I went to go get a filling on my front right tooth that I chipped at work. I get the filling and take every meal with caution so that I... READ MORE

What do I do about my asymmetrical smile? (photo)

As you can tell from the images, my smile is more apparent on one side. I had braces for 2 phases but after I got them off I realized I had this... READ MORE

Will my orthodontist file down my teeth?

I'm getting my braces off tomorrow and one of my front teeth is longer than the other. I'm worried that if they aren't filed, they wont be perfect. READ MORE

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