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My Back Bracket on my Braces Fell Off?

The back bracket fell off, but my orthodontist cannot make an appointment for five days because the are closed. I recently got them on a week and a... READ MORE

Orthodontist Didn't Put my Bracket Back On?

About a week ago, the bracket on my molar broke off. I went to the orthodontists on Tuesday. I told the assistant that it had broken off, but when my... READ MORE

Is it okay if an orthodentist charge you for every bracket that falls off?

The bullar tubes on my teeth kept on falling frequently(weekly/monthly) since I had my braces last year. Even if I wasn't doing anything with it and... READ MORE

What do I do if my back left molar braquet fell off?

Just today my back left molar braquet fell off and my appt is until January 2nd what do I do ? I'm really scared they will separate!!!!!! READ MORE

Why does my back braces bracket keep falling off?

My back braces bracket has fallen off 4 times and it's the same one why does it keep falling off and I am supposed to get them off in a month READ MORE

What are the chances of my front teeth falling out if I have short roots?

My dentist told me i have short roots i did have braces before which made it worse i guess...my tooth feels like its goint to fall off and im soo... READ MORE

My back bracket broke off and I'm going to Canada in 2 days. If I can't get an appointment, can I see an orthodontist in Canada?

My back bracket broke off about 10 minutes ago. Is it possible to get an orthodontist appointment scheduled for tomorrow? Will they be available to... READ MORE

About my broken bracket - Today my bracket has fallen out while I was asleep.

I pressed my top teeth with my bottom teeth and I had my braces done in the Dominican Republic on August 15,2014 and I live in ny I don't know what to... READ MORE

Why would all of my daughter's brand new brackets fall off the day she got them put on?

My daughter went and had her top braces put on this morning. By late afternoon almost all of the brackets had popped off. We went back to the doctor... READ MORE

Braces removed, new retainer. Front teeth feel like they're going to fall out! Is this normal?

I got my braces removed last week and had my retainer fitted today. My doctor had real trouble getting it to fit as it was too tight but cut it down.... READ MORE

My bracket fell off and took a piece of the tooth with it. Can't see orthodontist for a while. Help?! (Photo)

So today I was eating and I feel something come loose in my mouth, i figured it was just a bracket fallen off and didnt worry about it, tha's not... READ MORE

Why does my bracket keep falling off?

Im 13 and I have a cap on my front tooth, my bracket has fallen off twice now It won't stay in I keep playing with it cause its bothering me, why even... READ MORE

What Are the Odds of my Teeth Falling Out?

The dentist and ortho has said that my teeth have short roots and that there is a good chance my teeth might fall out if I get braces. I've heard that... READ MORE

My orthodontist hit my front tooth with a tool really hard and now it is a bit loose. Will it tighten up or will it fall out???

I was at my orthodontist and she hit my tooth with a tool, I still have my braces on but my front tooth is a bit loose. Like by a bit I mean I can... READ MORE

Why Bite Turbos Easily Came Off?

My dentist installed bite turbos in the back of my 2 front teeth. when I want to eat, the turbos came off easily. my question is, can't I eat after... READ MORE

My fake (temporary) tooth fell off. Any suggestions?

I have a fake tooth attached to one of my teeth (I have braces) because my orthodontist is waiting for my real tooth to drop in it's place. It fell... READ MORE

Why would braces/brackets continue to fall off. Could they be putting them on incorrectly? Could they be defective?

My 13 year old son has had braces on a few months and has had a problem with brackets falling off. The orthodontics thinks it's something my son's... READ MORE

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