Fake Tooth + Braces

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Can I Get Braces with a Bridge Done on my Central Incisors?

I'm 20 years old and have a prosthetic tooth in replacement for one of my front teeth. I have always had problems with my front teeth mainly them... READ MORE

What kind of retainer should be used with a fake top tooth in the front?

I have braces and im going to get them off soon and i have a fake tooth in the front of my mouth like literally the very front on the top so what kind... READ MORE

Is it possible to get Braces with a false tooth?

My front tooth is missing and I need braces but I have been told that I can't have them unless I choose to not have a false tooth until after the... READ MORE

How long does it take braces to pull down a canine tooth that has already broken through the gum? (photo)

My canine tooth was pulled two years ago, and I have been wearing a retainer with a fake tooth to cover up the gap every since. My dentist has... READ MORE

I have a fake tooth in the place of a permanent front tooth that was lost. I have to get braces soon. What are my options?

I am also not old enough to get an implant yet. My orthodontist told me that my braces wouldn't be able to go on the fake tooth as it wouldn't be... READ MORE

My fake (temporary) tooth fell off. Any suggestions?

I have a fake tooth attached to one of my teeth (I have braces) because my orthodontist is waiting for my real tooth to drop in it's place. It fell... READ MORE

My teeth look slanted at the end of my braces treatment? (Photo)

After a year and two months, my braces are coming off next week. But, my teeth look very much slanted in? My dentist said it is for a closer and... READ MORE

Is it possible to wear braces on false teeth as I have taken root canal treatment for One of my upper front incisors? (photo)

I have taken root canal treatment for One of my upper front incisors.. But one of my tooth is not in correct shape, my teeth are not in order..It... READ MORE

Do I Need Braces for My Teeth? (photo)

I have a fake tooth (lateral incisor). I mainly have a problem with my canine tooth. It is crooked and makes me embarrassed to smile. By the way I am... READ MORE

Best choice when there is no room for an implant?

After being in braces, then wearing a retainer with a fake tooth for 16 months, my 16.5 yr old is now being told she does not have enough room for an... READ MORE

Fake tooth fell off braces bracket, cannot go to orthodontist for 3 weeks.

I have a fake front tooth attached to one of my braces' brackets. It fell off today, and unfortunately I cannot go to see my orthodontist for another... READ MORE

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