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Will Lips Change After Braces And Extraction Of Protruding Teeth?

Will a persons top lip (and area between their mouth and nose) get smaller after extraction and braces are used to fixed protruding teeth? READ MORE

Does Pulling out Good Teeth when Getting Braces Have Disadvantages in the Future?

I'm 13 and may be getting braces soon. I have to pull out two of my teeth in order to make room for the other teeth.  So will pulling out the... READ MORE

Tooth Extraction for Braces over 40. Is Your Face Likely To Collapse at This Age?

Hi, I am 44 years old and just started metal braces a month ago. I had an appointment to get 4 teeth extracted (my orthodontist told me it is... READ MORE

Will Bicuspid Extraction Cause TMJ?

After a number of consultations for braces (all recommended Damon), I have been informed by multiple ortho that the extraction of four bicuspid is... READ MORE

Gap After Molar Extraction / Teeth Drift - Close Gap w/ Braces or Create Gap for Bridge?

Dear Doctor, I am 28 years old & had a molar extracted 3 years ago; there's been teeth drift and only 20% of space is remaining. An Implant is... READ MORE

Can I Fix my Mild Crowding Without Extraction of Bicuspids?

I am 23 years old and cosidering getting braces for my crowded teeth so that my smile and face can be more symmetrical. so far i hav visited two... READ MORE

Teeth Braces To Correct Protruding Jaw?

Hi I am 26 years old. My upper jaw appears to protrude forward and lower jaw is quite recessed Many suggested surgery for this, but one orthodontic... READ MORE

Do Any Teeth Have to Be Removed Before Getting Braces?

I would like to know if any teeth usually have to be removed before getting braces? READ MORE

Should I Remove my Top Canine Teeth for Braces?

Hi I just got braces on last week and my ortho has recommended pulling all 4 wisdom teeth and my top bicuspids... I only have a slight over jet,... READ MORE

Reversing the Damage Done from Extractions for Braces

I had extractions and braces at the age of 22. This was my third time having them and I am very unhappy with the results. Is there any way to reverse... READ MORE

Premolar extraction for braces? (photo)

I'm looking into getting braces and my Orthodontist has recommended extraction of just one premolar (upper). I had thought premolars were normally... READ MORE

Open Bite, Braces and Recessed Chin

I was diagnosed with an open bite and have some crowding. I'm 21 years old and have a recessed chin and a somewhat long face. Can the open bite... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix my Teeth Flaring/protrusion Without Extraction of 4 Teeth? (photo)

Age:25. Braces on for about 12 months. Initial issues: a somewhat impacted upper canine and flaring. Initially, my ortho said he would try to... READ MORE

Will Braces without extractions be effective for protruding teeth? (photo)

Hi.. i got my braces last december 2013.. i have a portruded teeth and i want to correct it.. the ortho did not extract any teeth.. i am curious if it... READ MORE

In my Case It is Necessary the Extraction of Four Premolars? What Should my Next Step Be? (photo)

Hi, I recently visited a dentist and without an x-ray and after 2 minutes examination she told me that I needed 4 premolars extractions as well as the... READ MORE

Can Braces + Extractions Fix my Class 2 Overbite and Flaring Teeth or is Jaw Surgery Needed? (photo)

Hi,I have a moderate Class2,deep overbite. From profile my Class 2 overbite protrudes my teeth/lips into a "monkey mouth"look. 1st Ortho I... READ MORE

Dissapointment with Braces

I had crowded teeth and crossbite, i went on treatment at this corporate orthodontics clinic for 17months since june 09, which have more than 3... READ MORE

Cons of Extracting 2 Upper Bicuspids?

Im 15 & just got braces about a month ago. My canines are protruding a little but not a lot. My ortho gave me 3 options to fix my overbite.... READ MORE

Can Braces Make the Lower Jaw Narrower when There's Extraction?

I've been wearing braces for 18 months now, I have a protruding upper jaw and a crowding in the lower jaw. Im starting to notice that my cheeks are... READ MORE

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