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Braces are too expensive and take too long, what are my other choices? (photo)

The reason why I havent fix them is because braces are too expensive for me and I don't have the money. I know the front teeth need to be pushed... READ MORE

Can I have orthodontic braces in the country where I live & have jaw surgery in another country where it is affordable? (photo)

My name is Alberto I'm 30 years old and my left side jaw grew more than the right side, because of this my chin is off center. I can see it in... READ MORE

Lateral incisors are crooked and growing inwards towards my central incisors. (photos)

Lateral incisors crooked . What is the best solution to straighten these teeth? How expensive is the solution? I'd like if my top teeth could be put... READ MORE

Will braces be expensive in my case (condition of teeth). (photo)

 if so how much will it range from? 1-will the treatment cost make a difference if I had insurance or not ? 2- Are flexible payment plans available? READ MORE

Can braces help close the gap of my extracted premolar?

I need to get my 1st premolar on right upper jaw extracted because it cannot be save due to too much decay and is fractured below the gum line. I have... READ MORE

Can I just stop wearing braces even when it is not finished because I want to?

I have my braces for only about 4 months, but i will go abroad to study for 2 years. The price of any operation involving teeth there is expensive and... READ MORE

The edge plastic piece of my retainer broke. Can it easily be fixed since it's not the wire? (photos)

It's not broke completely and I think it could be an easy fix. Would it be very expensive? READ MORE

My right lateral incisor is on an angle and I can't afford braces or expensive retainers. Any suggestions? (photo)

My right lateral incisor is turned inwards a bit. The side that should be aligned with my center tooth is showing on the outside and the other side of... READ MORE

Crossbite? Underbite? (Photo)

Hello, As you can see, my two front teeth are behind my bottom teeth. I've spoken to a dentist (not an orthodontist) about how I can fix this. He said... READ MORE

i hv got a gap.in my bottom and upper teeth how can i fix that?

Am 22 yr old. and since last year i.hv got gap in my upper and bottom teeth which is annoying and i hv got gum disease as well thats the reason i dn... READ MORE

I want to have Braces, is it possible to contour my lateral incisor to be my missing central incisor?

I want to have braces because of gaps and crooked teeth but I have missing central incisor and implant would be much more expensive, is it possible to... READ MORE

Braces for the second time - something affordable?

Is it possible that I can get braces again without paying? I got them for free the first time but they are really expensive and I can't afford them! I... READ MORE

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