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Will Braces Correct My Overbite?

I have an slight overbite due to which my face looks short .i am 19 years old.when i put my jaw in position of underbite my face looks good.i want to... READ MORE

Do I Need Braces To Fix My Overbite? Any Other Accessories? (photo)

I'm Alayna and I'm 19. I'm attaching some pictures of my teeth. My dentist says I have a severe overbite and should get it fixed. Do you... READ MORE

I Just Got a Palatal Expander, Will It Close My Gap Before I Get Braces in 3 Weeks?

Everyones making fun of the gap in my two front teeth. Im getting my braces in like 3 weeks I dont have to turn my expander anymore. I was wondering... READ MORE

My Smile is Not Forming the Way I Thought It Would by Now Having Braces, Will They Improve? (photo)

Had braces put on my top teeth the end of October and was told that I only need top for 6 months. Had 2 tightenings the first tightening was with the... READ MORE

How long will treatment go over expected removal time if I have a gap between my 2 front teeth from small thumb sucking? (Photo)

So I got my braces on 2 yrs and 4months ago. they put my braces on even though I still hadn't stopped sucking my thumb. I have gradually stopped and... READ MORE

Braces for Overbite. How Long Will I Have To Wear Them and What Should I Expect? (photo)

I'm 21 and my dentist has said I need to get my overbite fixed because my teeth don't meet in the back/bite down too far in the front and my molars... READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost and What Are the Payment Options?

I was referred to an orthodontist by my dentist to get braces, but I dont know what to expect walking through the orthodontist office. I do not have... READ MORE

Can anything more be done to my teeth to improve my smile a little better, before braces come off? (photos)

My orthodontist told me that I'm getting my braces off on March but to be honest I'm unhappy with the results, I feel like they can do a little better... READ MORE

I'm getting a mold next week for my retainer, will they take it with my braces on or off?

I'm getting a mold for my retainer next week and I have braces... they said they would tak about that to expect. I'm not sure if I will be getting my... READ MORE

Overbite/overjet. I am curious with proper use of the elastics how long should I expect, before the bite is corrected? (Photo)

Currently wearing 1/4'' elastics. Canine on right side was impacted in the pallet of the mouth. I am 24 years old and had an impacted canine tooth in... READ MORE

I got Braces when I was 13/14 but the dentist didn't do a good job. I am now 25. Can my teeth be fixed now with Braces? (photos)

An orthodontist told me that I needed extractions as well but I didn't have any during my previous treatment. Will getting braces again worsen my... READ MORE

Roughly what is the cost of having a new orthodontist remove your "really old" braces?

I got braces about 5 years ago, but had to move out of state a year later. I haven't been to the orthodontist in the four years since moving to... READ MORE

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