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Will Braces Correct My Overbite?

I have an slight overbite due to which my face looks short .i am 19 years old.when i put my jaw in position of underbite my face looks good.i want to... READ MORE

Do I Need Braces To Fix My Overbite? Any Other Accessories? (photo)

I'm Alayna and I'm 19. I'm attaching some pictures of my teeth. My dentist says I have a severe overbite and should get it fixed. Do you... READ MORE

I Just Got a Palatal Expander, Will It Close My Gap Before I Get Braces in 3 Weeks?

Everyones making fun of the gap in my two front teeth. Im getting my braces in like 3 weeks I dont have to turn my expander anymore. I was wondering... READ MORE

My Smile is Not Forming the Way I Thought It Would by Now Having Braces, Will They Improve? (photo)

Had braces put on my top teeth the end of October and was told that I only need top for 6 months. Had 2 tightenings the first tightening was with the... READ MORE

How long will treatment go over expected removal time if I have a gap between my 2 front teeth from small thumb sucking? (Photo)

So I got my braces on 2 yrs and 4months ago. they put my braces on even though I still hadn't stopped sucking my thumb. I have gradually stopped and... READ MORE

Braces for Overbite. How Long Will I Have To Wear Them and What Should I Expect? (photo)

I'm 21 and my dentist has said I need to get my overbite fixed because my teeth don't meet in the back/bite down too far in the front and my molars... READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost and What Are the Payment Options?

I was referred to an orthodontist by my dentist to get braces, but I dont know what to expect walking through the orthodontist office. I do not have... READ MORE

Can anything more be done to my teeth to improve my smile a little better, before braces come off? (photos)

My orthodontist told me that I'm getting my braces off on March but to be honest I'm unhappy with the results, I feel like they can do a little better... READ MORE

I'm getting a mold next week for my retainer, will they take it with my braces on or off?

I'm getting a mold for my retainer next week and I have braces... they said they would tak about that to expect. I'm not sure if I will be getting my... READ MORE

Overbite/overjet. I am curious with proper use of the elastics how long should I expect, before the bite is corrected? (Photo)

Currently wearing 1/4'' elastics. Canine on right side was impacted in the pallet of the mouth. I am 24 years old and had an impacted canine tooth in... READ MORE

I got Braces when I was 13/14 but the dentist didn't do a good job. I am now 25. Can my teeth be fixed now with Braces? (photos)

An orthodontist told me that I needed extractions as well but I didn't have any during my previous treatment. Will getting braces again worsen my... READ MORE

Roughly what is the cost of having a new orthodontist remove your "really old" braces?

I got braces about 5 years ago, but had to move out of state a year later. I haven't been to the orthodontist in the four years since moving to... READ MORE

What options are available to fix my canine tooth? (Photo)

All my teeth at straight expect for my one canine tooth. Will I have to get braces or is there other options for this tooth? READ MORE

When can I get power chain braces? (Photo)

I just got braces 2 days ago and i have to go back in 2 days to get my bottom and iWanted to know when to be able to expect to ask for powerchain braces READ MORE

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