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Can You Drink Anything on Clear, Essix, Rivera Retainers?

I know people should not eat meal with them on, but can they eat desserts, or small sweets on them or they have to take them out? Also, is it ok to... READ MORE

Fixed or Essix Retainer for Gapped Teeth? (photo)

I'm 26 years old, and got my braces 13 months ago and should have them taken off within 2 weeks. I had big spaces between my teeth. My ortho... READ MORE

Problem With Protruding Incisor And Essix

My ortho recommended I do upper arch only n added "our teeth get crowded as we age". I assume he said that coz he saw my lower incisor... READ MORE

Do Essix Retainers Fix an Overjet?

I got essix retainers after my braces were taken off when I was 13. I rarely wear them, but I was wondering if I start wearing them more often will... READ MORE

Teeth shifting slightly even with retainer wear. Should I be concerned?

I just had my braces removed about 5 weeks ago and my two front teeth before braces were the most severely crowded. I was told to wear my retainer... READ MORE

My Essix retainer does not cover all of my teeth?

I have had my braces off for more than 2 years and recently my retainer broke. I went back to the orthodontist to get a new one made, and I did not... READ MORE

My orthodontist told me to only wear my retainer at night, should I be worried about teeth shifting?

Yesterday, I got my braces off after 2.5 years. My orthodontist bonded a permanent retainer to my bottom 6 teeth and top 4 teeth. He then gave me a... READ MORE

Can I Drink Alcohol with my Retainer?

I was given my clear retainer (Essix I belive) a few days ago, to wear daily, taking it out for meals, drinks and brushing my teeth. I plan to go out... READ MORE

How long before Essix retainer becomes easier to remove?

I collected my retainers today, and have only put them in and out about three times, but the uppers are really hard and painful to remove. Neill this... READ MORE

Need Replacement Essix Retainer?

I have an Essix retainer that I have worn on a regular basis since the conclusion of my orthodontic treatment in 2009. I have since moved out of state... READ MORE

One of my upper front teeth is protruding because I didn't wear a retainer after braces. Can an essix retainer fix the issue?

I had braces six years ago.My dentist gave me an essix retainer moulded for my crooked teeth and told me that this will help hold the tooth in place.... READ MORE

What would happen if there is extra room between the edge of the teeth and the essix retainer when you put it on?

Recently, I received my new essix retainer and found that there was some extra room (1mm) between my teeth (especially the 6 front teeth) and the... READ MORE

Should I transition to traditional braces from Essix Aligners? (Photos)

Hi, I'm late 20s male. I'm currently on Essix Aligners and my dentist seems to be coming to a point where he says he can't do much more besides move... READ MORE

Very confused on how I'm supposed to wear my retainers. Do I have an overbite? (Photo)

I just got my braces off2days ago & my ortho said to wear my retainers every other day; top 1 day bottom the next I did this the 1st day & my teeth... READ MORE

Is a second pair of Essix useful?

My daughter is wearing Essix. However, she is forgetful. I'm thinking about making another pair for her just in case of being lost, broken or left at... READ MORE

Dear Dr, I would like to know which is the best retainer suitable for me. (photos)

Post-treatment problems: spacing between mandibular first premolar and first molar on both sides (second premolar was extracted), food lodgement as a... READ MORE

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