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What is Considered "Perfect Teeth"?

I am near the end of two years with braces, and my teeth look a whole lot better than they did in the beginning, but what exactly is considered... READ MORE

Would Cutting Enamel To Remove Black Triangle Weaken my Teeth?

I am one week away to get my braces off. My teeth looks perfect, except that I have some black triangles formed between my teeth and gum. My... READ MORE

Will Overbite and Teeth Crowding Weaken Teeth?

I have an overbite with crowding of upper teeth. I am concerned, will that 'filing' of teeth reduce the enamel and cause weaker teeth? READ MORE

I just got braces & they have caused little white dots to appear on my teeth; they are chipping off from the backs of them?

I keep getting little white dots on my two front teeth. it looks like the enamel has been severley damaged. I never had this happen before braces. I... READ MORE

Should I do IPR to correct my midline? (photo)

I have braces on for about 2 years. My midline is off and I consulted my orthodontist. He said that he could do IPR to fix it but it will cut off my... READ MORE

Which one is good for my teeth; braces, crowns, or porcelain veneers? (photos)

I am 20 and half years old. I have spaces between my front teeth, canine and also more.. those are not more than 1.5 cm. My lateral incisor is half... READ MORE

Tringle gab? More advice please. I don't want to go home and not be happy. (photos)

My orthodontist said Next time He will see me. My braces will be off. I asked him about the tringle gab. He said he only can do much stripping in... READ MORE

Looking for suggestions to improve smile? (Photos)

I will get veneers eventually but I do not want to make that investment now. Which do you suggest as a cost effective way to improve my smile? 1. Get... READ MORE

4 teeth straightening options - varying from 9 to 30 months. Comments/advice needed. Thanks! (photos)

Hello, options are: 1 Remove 4 teeth to make space, then 24 months of treatment. 2 Enamel strip all teeth and either wear fixed brace for 9 months or... READ MORE

Braces, veneers or nothing for front teeth and overall appearance? (photos)

Im in my early 30s. I did invisalign when I was 18 and did a touch up with smile direct recently. Now that that is over, I went to a cosmetic dentist... READ MORE

Is my clear retainer causing enamel loss?

Just had my braces removed and given a clear retainer. Now noticing around edges of my two front teeth a translutant outline.. I do not drink pop only... READ MORE

Could The Bracket From My Back Right Brace Have Pulled Off A Piece Of Tooth When It Fell off?

The bracket from my back right brace has fallen off. It hasn't been attached to the wire yet in my treatment so it won't cause movement the wrong way... READ MORE

What foods stain clear bands on ceramic braces ?

I know to avoid curry but my bands seem to quickly get yellow. Also does it hurt my enamel if I sip lemon infused water all day. I don't like plain... READ MORE

What is the Safest Technique of Removing Traditional Front Orthodontia Bracket/adhesive Without Damaging the Enamel?

What is the Safest Technique of Removing Traditional Front Orthodontia Bracket/adhesive Without Damaging the Enamel? Thank You. READ MORE

Can I sue my orthodontist for messing up my teeth after braces removal? What are my rights? (Photos)

After braces removal 1of my lateral incisors was out, he blamed it on clinching(i dnt clinch) He put a dented my retainer to push the tooth, i then... READ MORE

Does the enamel remain safe on your teeth while have braces removed?

I have braces on my top ceramic bottom traditional . I am getting them removed next week and I'm highly nervous about my enamel weakening or being... READ MORE

Can Vivera Retainer scrape enamel off?

I got new replacement retainers from my dentist to replace my old ones. I decided to only wear the top retainer for several days, because the whole... READ MORE

Can I put braces on crowned teeth? (Photo)

I am an hypoplastic (enamel) patient i had crowned my teeth last year . but now my jaes are not aligned my upper jaw is protruding READ MORE

Tooth shape is off. How do I fix this? (Photo)

My front right tooth broke and they used fake enamel to create the bottom half of it. Also had root canal done. However the shape is very... READ MORE

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