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What Kind of Retainer After Braces is Better, Clear Plastic or Wire?

I wore braces 18 years ago when I lived in Texas. The orthodontist gave me a retainer afterwards that looks like an invisalign tray. I absolutely... READ MORE

I Did Not Wear Retainers 24/7 As Told by my Dentist and Instead Just Wore Them at Night After my Treatment for Increased Overjet

I wear retainers every night after my treatment for the past 6 months contrary to 24 hrs as told by dentist. will this damage my treatment? if yes,... READ MORE

How Long Should You Wear a Brace in Order for the Teeth Not to Move Back?

I have only had my brace on for 6 months and my dentist wants to take it off already. Another orthodontist that I had, said that it would take at... READ MORE

One of my Brackets of my Braces Popped off?

Okay, So I have a problem Today while I was eating the back bracket of my braces popped off but the real problem is I went to college and wont be back... READ MORE

Teeth Shifted to an Overjet, but Still Straight. Braces, Invisalign or Retainers? (photo)

1 year after losing my retainers, my teeth have shifted a lot. Would I be able to move them back with just retainers, or do I need to get braces? If I... READ MORE

Will my Teeth Relapse if Braces Worn for Too Short Time?

Im 22 years old.I have recently taken out metal braces.Normally traditional braces treatment takes abt 1.5-2 years.But due to time shortage i had worn... READ MORE

There are 2 cracks within the upper retainer(clear, plastic) I have, does this affect the effectiveness of the retainer? (Photo)

The two cracks are barely visible and its within the retainer, does this affect the retainers effectiveness? Up until recently, the upper retainer has... READ MORE

What is the effectiveness of traditional braces that only stem cuspid to cuspid? (photos)

Dentist said plan is to just go cuspid to cuspid - as my main concern is crooked upper right and left laterals. About 4 months into treatment here.... READ MORE

My retainer cracked at the top a little, will it still keep my teeth in place ?

The crack is about 1 cm long and near the left front tooth. will it affect the retainers effectiveness? READ MORE

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