Diastema + Braces

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Best Way to Close a Wide Gap, Braces or Aligners?

I have been living with this for 28years now.Though,when i was 9years the gap wasnt all that wide. Now a 10months old finger can pass through it. I... READ MORE

I've Got a Huge Diastema/gap and I Want It Closed.Thing is I'm Going to College in 2014(Fall)? (photo)

I've had a huge gap in my two front teeth for as long as I can remember but I'm tired of it.Now that I'll be going to college soon,there is no way I'm... READ MORE

Can I Have Ceramic Braces Only for Upper Jaw to Address Diastema? (photo)

I have large gap between my maxillary central incisors although my mandibular teeth are perfect. Can I have ceramic braces only for upper jaw? will it... READ MORE

Should I Use an Expander for my Case? Crossbite and Diastema. (photo)

I know i'd be needing braces, upper and lower perhaps? is there & how much braces placed inside/back of the teeth, can it apply on my case? how... READ MORE

Any suggestions for diastema closure? (photos)

Hi, I am Zak 19 years old i have this sort of Diastema i want to know which is the best method to close it, I'll be graduated in Commerce and i need a... READ MORE

Can my diastema be fixed? (photo)

I wore braces twice in my youth. The diastema was persistent. The last time I was 18 years old and wore them for six months. I wore a retainer for 7... READ MORE

Can I have a frenectomy after my braces treatment? I used to have diastema and now the gap is closed but not that tight.

Im at the end of my treatment and hopefully my braces will be off soon. It worries me that my diastema will come back. What do i do? READ MORE

Lateral Incisors Have Been Pushed Back Very Slightly While I Was Wearing Braces?

I was wearing braces for 3 months to close a small gap between my front two teeth. Now after having my braces removed, a permanent retainer has been... READ MORE

How long would it take to close my Diastema and other gaps in my teeth with my Braces? (photos)

I am a 21 year old medical student from india....i have a large diastema....n medium gaps between my upper n lower teeth...i've already got braces ...... READ MORE

Will Braces Fix the Big Gap Due to Tooth Loss and Fix my Diastema? (photo)

I have diastema since young (genetic) and I have very low self esteem. Am i a good candidate for braces? I just want to wear braces! Will it make my... READ MORE

I have had diastema, can upper Braces close the gap between my front teeth? (photo)

I have had diastema in my front teeth since I was child. I also have a slight overbite. I'm planning to have upper braces only. Will metal/ceramic... READ MORE

Would braces even make my smile, with multiple diastema and few molars, look normal? (photos)

I'm 33, mom of 3, married 9 years, have always hated my gaps. The Ortho I recently saw said that since I never grew all the molars most ppl do and I... READ MORE

Estimated how long would it take with braces to fill my small gap? (photo)

I have a perfect bite and straight teeth but I'm left with a small gap between my two front teeth and one on the side. READ MORE

Can braces cure my facial asymmetry, or would another non surgical procedure help?

I am having facial asymmetry. Left side face is broader than right side. I am using braces for midline diastema and class 1 malocclusion. Can braces... READ MORE

Can I Wear my Old Retainer?

Hello, I had a diastema between my upper centrals + tipping forward My orthodontist treated me with removable appliance for 3 months Then she told me... READ MORE

Can the retainers fix my underbite? (Photo)

I had a diastema on both upper and lower teeth. But my parents decided to have my braces on my upper teeth first. Then, after a few months i had... READ MORE

What would be better for my diastema? Braces or crowning? (photos)

I want something that is long lasting and takes lesser time for treatment. Cost is not the issue. READ MORE

How can this diastema be closed? (Photo)

I don't know the cause of my diastema, I've lived for almost 21years with it. I've tried Invisalign for about 7 months now and it doesn't seem to work... READ MORE

I have diastema a gap in my front teeth. My doctor said I had a big jaw but small teeth. Any suggestions?

As i said my doctor told me i have big jaw and small teeth (diastema) and my teeth can actually get fixed but after i remove my braces my teeth will... READ MORE

Hi, what are my treatment options to get my teeth straightened? (photo)

Hi, I am a 34 year old male and I have some gaps between my teeth and large ones between my upper incisors and canines and I think its because I have... READ MORE

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