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Is my Crossbite Too Severe for Invisalign? (photo)

I am seeing my orthodontist this week, I have had braces in the past and now need them again because the lack of improvement they did on my crossbite.... READ MORE

Does my Crossbite Need to Be Corrected? (photo)

I had my braces put on last Thursday and my ortho discussed with me all the issues they want the braces to fix. Crowding was one of them and I thought... READ MORE

Can Elongated Teeth Be Pushed Up into Gums?

My 11 yo has elongated front teeth (also overbite, crossbite & crowding). 1st ortho consult says 2 teeth can be pushed back up.Can they? Do you... READ MORE

How Long to Correct a Cross-bite and Overbite with Braces?

My mom said I'll need braces (since the invisalign didn't work out). Everyone says I'll probably have to have braces for about 6-10 months, but I've... READ MORE

Dissapointment with Braces

I had crowded teeth and crossbite, i went on treatment at this corporate orthodontics clinic for 17months since june 09, which have more than 3... READ MORE

Do you know why my upper teeth/jaw are slanted whenever I smile? (Photo)

I got my braces when I was 18 and I had it for 2 1/2 years. I had a crossbite case. I noticed that my smile on the pictures they look slanted even tho... READ MORE

What Kind of Braces for Crossbite?

I need your advice if what kind of braces for my crossbite, it's noticeable my mouth is assymetrical since when I was born hehe :P But I want to have... READ MORE

How Do I Fix my Crossbite? (photo)

I have sucked my thumb since i was young and im now 13. I have a very severe crossbite and several molars missing. I dont want to get traditional... READ MORE

I Have a Crossbite(right Side Upper Teeth) and Tmj. Are Braces the Best Fix for Me?

I am 34 and just got braces put on a month ago. I went to the dentist a day ago and he was not sure braces were the best option for my issues. He was... READ MORE

Will Braces Fix my Crossbite or Do I Need Surgery? (photo)

Can braces alone fix my cross bite and misaligned jaw? My Face is Not Balanced and my Teeth Don't Mesh. Or do I need surgery? I live in Tennessee and... READ MORE

Do I Have a Cross Bite Only or a Jaw Deformity As Well? if So, How Do I Correct Both Problems? (photo)

Hello doctors, I am 23 yrs old and i first started noticing my upper tooth shifting out of line when i was 18. Now the situation has progressed and it... READ MORE

Fixing my Crossbite? (photo)

I would liek to know the best way to fix my crossbite. I have had it since I was 11 following the extraction of 4 teeth due to overcrowding. As my jaw... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Correcting Crooked Front Teeth?

I have two things I'd like to correct about both sets of my front teeth and I'd like to know the best suggested procedure to accomplish this.... READ MORE

I Have Crowded Lower Teeth and Grade 3 Malocclusion/underbite. Which Braces Would Be Best?

Would like advice on what would be most effective in solving the crooked,overcrowded lower teeth. I would also like to improve my underbite which is... READ MORE

Did my orthodontist mess up? My two front teeth are protruding out. Would I need braces again or will my retainer fix it?(photo)

I've just got them off after having them for 4 years because of a severe crossbite. It looks alot better than where I started from, but it still kind... READ MORE

Advised by an Orthodontist to Have my Upper Palate 'Split' (His Words) Open to Fix a Cross Bite on the R/h Side (photo)

I am 23 years old and my orthodonist has advised that I will require surgery to fix my cross bite (split open my upper palete and have an expander) -... READ MORE

I Have About a 2mm-3mm Overjet, small Overbite and One Tooth That is A"crossbite".do You Suggest Braces or a Retainer?

I have about a 2mm overjet and small overbite with one tooth that is a "crossbite" .Do you suggest a retainer or braces?Is anything neccesary?Thankyou... READ MORE

Is There A Faster Way To Treat My Teeth? (photo)

I'm 15 years old, and perfectly happy with all my teeth, except for my canine which is tilted severely to the back. It is the only reason why I don't... READ MORE

I Have a Cross Bite, a Missing Lateral Incisor Tooth, Crooked Teeth? (photo)

Hi there! I'm 17 and I really need some advice on what treatment I should get for my teeth, how long it will take and how much would I be looking at... READ MORE

Can zig zag ridges on teeth be corrected with orthodontic care? (Photo)

I am a 28yrs old female going for braces soon I have a cross-bite I also have zig zag ridges on my upper and bottom teeth will this be corrected? READ MORE

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