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Will Braces Damage my Teeth if I Can't See the Orthodontist?

I've had braces on for about 2 years but haven't had them tightened in nearly a year. After 1 yr, I couldn't afford the payments, so I couldn't see... READ MORE

How Much Do Regular Metal Braces Cost?

What is the typical price range for the everyday average case of adolescent orthodontics? READ MORE

Are Braces an Option for Severe Overbite?

I am 46. I am missing my molars right/left back, as well as bottom molar on the right. I have a severe overbite and I'm wondering at this point if... READ MORE

I Cant Afford Extremely Needed Braces, Any Suggestions?

Im 16 and have needed braces since 7th grade, and unlike most teenagers i WISH i had them.My parents could never afford them.When i turned 16 i was so... READ MORE

Is it okay if an orthodentist charge you for every bracket that falls off?

The bullar tubes on my teeth kept on falling frequently(weekly/monthly) since I had my braces last year. Even if I wasn't doing anything with it and... READ MORE

How long would it take to fix my underbite? What are the expected costs? (photos)

I'm 19 years old and living in Sydney, Australia.I just wanted to know the costs of fixing my teeth. They're crooked and underbite, as can be seen in... READ MORE

Is my underbite severe or mild? How much does a surgery cost? I'm from the Philippines (Photo)

I think my jaws are misaligned...what kind of surgery do i need?please the way im 28 years old READ MORE

How difficult would it be to fix my shifted midline? (Photo)

I had braces as a kid and they pulled a lot of teeth - I have 7 teeth on the top to the left of my midline, 6 on the right, so my midline is pretty... READ MORE

What to Do with Gapped and Two Big Front Teeth?

My teeth are a real mess. I have a huge gap on the front two teeth. Those teeth are really big compared with the other teeth. What should I do and how... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Put Braces Back on After Taking Them Off?

I had just taken my braces off after 4 years, only to notice after a month with retainers that i still had minor gaps around my four front teeth,... READ MORE

What Would I Need to Do to Make my Teeth Straight and How Much Would It Cost? (Photos)

What Would I Need to Do to Make my Teeth Straight and How Much Would It Cost? (Photos Included) READ MORE

My Orthodontist wants to grind my teeth down to make my bite fit after Braces. Why didn't wearing Braces fix my bite?

That cost $7G. just finished up with braces about 5 months ago. My bite is worse now then when I started - the right side of my bite makes 100%... READ MORE

Braces or Crowns? (Photo)

I am a 49 year old woman with seriously crooked bottom teeth. I'm not sure which is best for me, braces or crowns or veneers. If I get braces, I don't... READ MORE

Peg Laterals? Will My Ortho Do Anything About it When I Get My Braces Off?

I have peg laterals(with space between them and my Central Incisors) , and I'm getting my braces off soon. Will my orthodontists do anything about... READ MORE

Cost of SARPE/ palatal expansion/ maxillary expansion and does insurance cover it? Currently have capital Blue Cross

Ive been doing tons of research on this, but i can't seem to find wether or not capital blue cross will cover this surgery. when i called to talk to a... READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost Without Insurance in NYC? (photo)

I have lower crowding on my teeth and a few pushed back teeth on top, yet I still do not qualify for braces because it's not " severe "... READ MORE

How much would one row of braces cost? (photos)

Hi I've had braces in the past but I lost my bottom retainer and my bottom teeth have shifted noticeably but they are not extremely bad. I have still... READ MORE

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