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Can I get braces if I need a lot of dental work? (Photo)

Hi, my molars are very much filled in. Im really concerned about my teeth. Im planning on getting braces but aparently my dentist said that i need... READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost for Teenagers Compared to Adults?

Is it more difficult to correct the teeth if more time passes? What are common problems that can result if a teenager decides to wait until becoming... READ MORE

Can I skip braces and get veneers? Will braces enhance my jawline? (photos)

I have some crowding going, along with cavities and crowns. I want to work on my smile but take the right steps. I've never whitened and I'm a chain... READ MORE

I just got my braces off after 5 years. I noticed I had a couple cavities where the bands were at. Will they have to be pulled?

My teeth dont hurt my the cavities are pretty big I don't wanna have to get them pulled if I don't have to after going threw all those years of braces READ MORE

What are procedures that can remove cavities that formed during the course of having braces?

I have braces and I didn't really take good care and I'm pretty sure there are cavities that formed on my left canine and lateral incisor tooth. I'm... READ MORE

Could I still get metal braces on my teeth if I have had a cavity filled w/ composite filling on my lateral incisor? (photo)

Hi, I was just wondering your views on this. I had this cavity filled about 8 years ago... It's starting to bother me, I'm thinking it needs to be... READ MORE

I have a gap where an adult tooth never grew in. Will I Need Braces to close the gap? (photo)

I had a baby tooth that had a cavity in it. After X-rays the dentist found out that I didn't have a adult tooth underneath. The dentist decided to... READ MORE

Will my orthodontist have to pull my tooth when I get my braces off? (Photo)

So a couple of weeks ago my ortho said I had an incoming cavity. My tooth had a little brown spot, and it wasn't a full cavity yet. He told me to... READ MORE

I have 6 cavities on my upper teeth. My orthodontist wants to remove all of my braces and end treatment to fill the cavities

Is there any other way to keep them from removing my braces, i have spent so much money and time i cant stand to throw it all away like this. What... READ MORE

Braces month 5-- cavity found as tooth are moving. (Photos)

I got braces 5 months ago and had a tooth hidden very close behind my front center teeth... so a spring was put in this area to access the tooth to... READ MORE

Should I wait to get my cavities filled until after my braces come off?

I've had braces for 14 months, need another 4, but think I have multiple cavities. My parents are against x-rays so I haven't had them for over 16... READ MORE

I've got a lot of cavities, but still want braces. Is it possible? (Photo)

So in the pictures, do i need braces and how many fillings do i need? Please answer me. READ MORE

Moving Two Teeth, #23 & #6? (photo)

I have had a history of bad teeth: crooked, cavities, 2 root canals, and 3 crowns. I have at long last gotten all of the health issues dealt with, but... READ MORE

I get my braces off next week, I have a cavity, need a cleaning and 2 veneers but I dont like my dentist. Can I switch? (photo)

I get my braces off next month after two years. I had bonding in between my two front teeth from 14 years ago. I got braces thinking I could... READ MORE

Can someone give me an opinion in regards to my problems with my teeth? I'm currently wearing braces.

To make a long story short, I have developed a mouthful cavities since wearing my braces. I brought this to the attention of both my Orthodontist and... READ MORE

I have braces installed in my mouth and it has some weird stains that I recently noticed. Can you identify the problem? (Photo)

I have had these inner braces ever since I removed my braces around 6-7 years ago, however I just developed these stains recently. I don't smoke nor... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my teeth? (photos)

I have crowded teeth and have cavities in between the crowded teeth and on the crevices on my molars. It doesn't look good when I smile, ever since I... READ MORE

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