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Will Braces Correct My Overbite?

I have an slight overbite due to which my face looks short .i am 19 years old.when i put my jaw in position of underbite my face looks good.i want to... READ MORE

Too Old For Braces?

Hi Doctor, Im 27 yrs old male want to put braces on my teeth. I met a dentist but she says im too old to put braces on..Is it right ? READ MORE

Can I Get Braces if I Still Have my Wisdom Teeth?

I still have two of my wisdom teeth and I'm interested in getting braces. The wisdom teeth may or may not come out. One seems to be pushing out a... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Be Used After Braces?

I have already had the full metal wrap around bracket braces on my teeth to correct an overbite and space but I failed to wear my retainer after the... READ MORE

Is This the Correct Procedure for Correcting an Overbite?

What is the reason for bonding on the back molers? I can't chew my food without hitting my bottom teeth. As you can see I also have braces. Thank you READ MORE

Have 3 Implants, Can I Get Braces And/or Retainers?

I have 3 implants, the 2 upper cuspids and the 1st right upper bicuspid. I'm noticing that my 2 front tooth are shifting forward. Can I get a... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces with Missing Both Rearmost Molars on Lower Right Jaw (Missing 30 and 31, No Wisdom Teeth)? (photo)

Can I get braces if I'm missing my lower right side rearmost molars (1st and 2nd molar / #30 and 31)? I have no wisdom teeth. I had a bridge where... READ MORE

I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. Can wearing Braces also alter your face shape/profile?

I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. My orthodontist is planning to fit a brace to my top teeth to widen the arch as it is... READ MORE

Thumbsuckers Teeth Correction? (photo)

I am in my mid 30's and have been sucking my thumb into adulthood and unfortunately have done some major damage to my teeth. I have a mild case of... READ MORE

Can my Midline Be Easily Fixed?

I had biomax surgery 4 months ago everything was perfect until recently the midline of both jaws is fine but it's no longer in line with the mid... READ MORE

My Upper Third Molar is Missing, Is it Possible to Close this Gap with Braces?

Hello my upper first molar was removed one week ago. I want to know If is possible to fill the space with second molar using braces. I dont have a 3rd... READ MORE

Can you still get braces if you have fillings?

I have many fillings because i had a lot of cavities when i was younger and i'm going to get braces. I was wondering,will braces have a negative... READ MORE

Can my Crooked Teeth Be Straightened Only by Using Braces? Or Are There Other Options? I'm a 27yr Old Female. (photo)

I want to straighten my crooked smile. After consultation with a number of dentists, most are of the opinion that my smile cannot be straightned... READ MORE

Teeth Too Small for Braces? Is This True?

27 yr old female with a history of gaps in family. My gaps are throughout not just the two front teeth. I went to the dentist she advised my teeth are... READ MORE

Will Fast Braces Work for Me (Overbite, Teeth Spread Out)?

I had a small gap between my two front teeth until I was 11 or so and lost my left top incisor and the adult tooth never came in. My teeth then spread... READ MORE

Braces Before Molars?

Im an 12 but my molars have not come though and i think i need braces. can i have them? READ MORE

I Have Just Finished my Root Canal Treatment, How Long Should I Wait to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Dear Doctor, I have just finished my root canal treatment and my endodontist said that it takes about 6 month for the bone to completely heal. It has... READ MORE

I Have a Crossbite(right Side Upper Teeth) and Tmj. Are Braces the Best Fix for Me?

I am 34 and just got braces put on a month ago. I went to the dentist a day ago and he was not sure braces were the best option for my issues. He was... READ MORE

Is a 9mm Overjet Serious but Small Enough to Get Braces?

My dentist said I don't need braces but I have a 9mm overjet its noticeable but apparently my teeth are fine but in the uk (where I live) if you... READ MORE

Please Suggest Options to Treat a Severe Overbite in 25 Year Old? (photo)

I am having a severe overbite (as seen in the attached pictures). My front two teeth completely hide my lower teeth with just 10 percent of my lower... READ MORE

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