Buck Teeth + Braces

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Correcting Buck Teeth?

I'm a 47 year old with a massive overbite. Every dentist I go to for cleaning says my protruding centrals are the biggest they've seen. It was caused... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Bucked Looking Two Front Teeth? (photo)

I've recently noticed that my two front teeth are being pushed forward more and more, the one on the right much worse, and was wondering why this... READ MORE

I Have Severe Buck Teeth from Years of Sucking my Thumb?

My teeth are straight mostly but my front two and the one on either side of these two are pushed forward a lot, will braces sort this out? Will I be... READ MORE

How should I have my two front (buck) teeth corrected? (photo)

I'm 22 years old with the front two teeth bigger and not in line with others. My dentist recommended First, getting 4 teeth extracted. the whole... READ MORE

What's the best option for my buck teeth? (Photo)

I am 55 years of age. I also had my bottom teeth extracted and now have dentures and during this time the front teeth became extended. My dentist... READ MORE

I am not satisfied with my teeth after braces, I need a second opinion. Any suggestions? (photo)

I got my braces off 7months ago and ever since I have been obsessing over the results. I feel like my teeth recede slightly on one side (I noticed... READ MORE

What needs to be done to get my teeth fixed? (photo)

Hello my two front buck teeth are starting to go front ward looking like bunny teeth. Also my bottom row of teeth looks like a picket fence some are... READ MORE

Do I need Braces for my teeth? (photos)

I have two front buck teeth and my upper teeth and lower teeth don't exactly bite together. should i get braces? READ MORE

I Have an Overbite and My Two Front Teeth Stick Out. How Long Would it Take to Straighten My Teeth? (photo)

Hi I Got Overbite Class 2 My Front Teeth Are out Can You Please See How Long Its Gona Take to Straighten Up if I Use Metal Brace READ MORE

Can retainers fix buck teeth? (photo)

I am wearing Brace for two years and my teeth is still buck, and my Dr. Says i will get a retainer on February. Can retainers fix my buck teeth? READ MORE

Bucked Front Tooth Do I Need to Do Braces Again or Can I Get Veneers? (photo)

I used to have braces for 4 years. I was really good at wearing my retainer but got out of the habit of wearing them. I havn't worn them for about... READ MORE

How Can I Treat my Rabbit Like Teeth?

How can i treat it?? Please i really need your help..:( i cant smile with showing off my teeth because im afraid that people will tease, bully or say... READ MORE

My orthodontist won't listen. What can I do? (Photo)

I was supposed to get crowding, a class II and a crossbite fixed, but instead I got tight/narrow jaws, TMJ, "buck" teeth and a slight open bite while... READ MORE

I have a buck teeth, deep bite & root canal on one of front teeth. Which braces would be suitable; Lingual, Invisalign? (photo)

I was 14 years old when had a root canal treatment. Now i am 35 and i came to know that adult braces can solve the problem.Is it possible to get... READ MORE

Do I need braces? (Photo)

I am 14 with buck teeth Braces are to expensive for mum to pay for them so I just need to know if I need them or not. I have a 4 mm overjet if that... READ MORE

I have buck teeth and braces wont work. I was wondering if there's another possible cure?

My orthodontist said my teeth are short rooted and I cannot get teeth removed for braces. I am embarrassed by my smile and I was wondering if theres... READ MORE

I am missing 2 upper front teeth now and wearing a partial denture. (photo)

Can braces fix this? Before that, my permanent teeth were both forwarded, or should i say I had buck teeth. Now the gap between my teeth is 1/3 of an... READ MORE

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