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Can I Get Braces with a Bridge Done on my Central Incisors?

I'm 20 years old and have a prosthetic tooth in replacement for one of my front teeth. I have always had problems with my front teeth mainly them... READ MORE

Does Having a Bridge Increase the Cost of Braces?

Does having a lower jaw bridge complicate the procedure and cost for braces? What is the method to deal with the bridge? READ MORE

I Developed an Overbite and Got TMJ?

I have old bridges 2 top 2 bottom I was diagnosed with TMJ 3 months using guards 24/7 pain now tolerable on left side.The orthodoncist wants to... READ MORE

Can I Make a Braces After 4years I Done my Bridge?

Im 28y.o i lost 2 lower teeth front and the doctor suggest me to do the bridge. Now after 4years with the bridge, can i wear the braces? READ MORE

Should I get bridge first or Braces first?

I have a missing front tooth andi would like to have a bridge but I also have an overbite and missing molars. Should I get bridge first before having... READ MORE

Invisalign or traditional clear braces with a fixed bridge and the chances of teeth flaring after braces? (photos)

Hello. I am 38 and I have developed a desire to correct my smile. I thought I was sure I wanted invisalign, but now Im starting to wonder if... READ MORE

Has this type of orthodontic movement been done in the past, and is it viable?

I had my first molar on the upper right removed when I was young. I have braces to straighten the front teeth then put in a bridge to replace the... READ MORE

Getting bridge work done on top side of mouth. Should I get braces/retainers to close space from the missing tooth? (Photo)

I am going to have bridge work done on top right. Over a period of time, there has been space created on both sides of the front four teeth. I have... READ MORE

Not enough space for implant. What are my options ?

I had an upper 1st molar removed 2 years ago and now there is not enough space to place an implant. The molar was taken out because I did not have... READ MORE

Can I get braces over a bridge?

I have one missing tooth and a bridge (photos attached). What are my options to improve my smile? I went to an orthodonist and he told me its going to... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Braces to Open Up About 5mm of Space in the Roots for Lateral Incisor Implants to Be Placed?

When i was 12 i had braces to open up space for my missing lateral incisors to be placed with dental implants, now i am 18 and have been told there is... READ MORE

Bridge with Overbite. Can I Get Braces?

I have a bridge on my top front four teeth and have an overbite on the top teeth also. Is it still possible to get braces to correct this issue? READ MORE

Best choice when there is no room for an implant?

After being in braces, then wearing a retainer with a fake tooth for 16 months, my 16.5 yr old is now being told she does not have enough room for an... READ MORE

Braces first or just bridge? (Photos)

Do I need to wear braces first or can I just do bridge directly.. Im worried about the end result of the bridge. I dont want to do braces if I cant... READ MORE

Can my crossbite be fix by braces with my teeth on the lower left posterior have a two bridge teeth and one crown? (photo)

I have my braces on December 30,2012 to correct my crossbite and gap on my lower teeth.i have 2 missing teeth on my left posterior, the dentist put on... READ MORE

Bridges fell off, with retainers. Should I see a local dentist or see my ortho?

I got my braces off. So i have to wear my retainer almost all the time. Just about few days of wearing retainers, when i try to remove it, the bridges... READ MORE

Can braces be put on with a crown or a bridge?

I need braces and the assistant just told ne that i cant have braces put on with the bridge.. but i have an extrenely bad and separated teeth. So what... READ MORE

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