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My Back Bracket Fell off What Should I Do?

Today i was eating my lunch and after lunch i was flossing and i saw that i am missing my right back bracket i also wear rubberbands i wear my left... READ MORE

My Back Bracket on my Braces Fell Off?

The back bracket fell off, but my orthodontist cannot make an appointment for five days because the are closed. I recently got them on a week and a... READ MORE

My brackets keep breaking and my orthodontist is threatening to cancel the treatment?

My brackets keep coming of. I do not think it has anything to do with what i am eating as i always eat soft food and make sure any hard food i eat i... READ MORE

What is Considered "Perfect Teeth"?

I am near the end of two years with braces, and my teeth look a whole lot better than they did in the beginning, but what exactly is considered... READ MORE

Orthodontist Didn't Put my Bracket Back On?

About a week ago, the bracket on my molar broke off. I went to the orthodontists on Tuesday. I told the assistant that it had broken off, but when my... READ MORE

Is it okay if an orthodentist charge you for every bracket that falls off?

The bullar tubes on my teeth kept on falling frequently(weekly/monthly) since I had my braces last year. Even if I wasn't doing anything with it and... READ MORE

Why Do my Braces Brackets Keep Hitting Each Other?

I just got braces and, my back molars can't touch on either the left or right side. I can't close my bite because the brackets keep hitting each other... READ MORE

What do I do if my back left molar braquet fell off?

Just today my back left molar braquet fell off and my appt is until January 2nd what do I do ? I'm really scared they will separate!!!!!! READ MORE

Why does my back braces bracket keep falling off?

My back braces bracket has fallen off 4 times and it's the same one why does it keep falling off and I am supposed to get them off in a month READ MORE

Bracket on last molar but no wire?

Hi, I just have my braces fitted today and I have realised that I have a bracket on my last molar but there's no wire going to it. I'm missing one... READ MORE

Will Braces Fix My Problem? (photo)

Hello! Firstly, unfortunately yeah.. these may be the worst teeth you have ever seen. Is there a way to fix them? I visit my dentist every 15 days,... READ MORE

My back bracket broke off and I'm going to Canada in 2 days. If I can't get an appointment, can I see an orthodontist in Canada?

My back bracket broke off about 10 minutes ago. Is it possible to get an orthodontist appointment scheduled for tomorrow? Will they be available to... READ MORE

About my broken bracket - Today my bracket has fallen out while I was asleep.

I pressed my top teeth with my bottom teeth and I had my braces done in the Dominican Republic on August 15,2014 and I live in ny I don't know what to... READ MORE

I wore braces for 19 months out of an estimated 24 with no improvement. Expander & elastics worked. Is this normal?

The first year my ortho didnt changed wires…Forget to do things like tightening, put ligatures on, even take off brackets and forget to put it back o... READ MORE

My wire slipped off my bracket what should I do? (photo)

First some how 2 of my rubber bands around my brackets came off and idk how that happened but I just left it for a few days and today I was eating... READ MORE

One of my Brackets of my Braces Popped off?

Okay, So I have a problem Today while I was eating the back bracket of my braces popped off but the real problem is I went to college and wont be back... READ MORE

Will my teeth move out of place if a broken bracket is not fixed?

A back bracket (top) fell off and my orthodontist cut the end of wire off without repairing the bracket. Last time (bottom), the orthodontist wouldn't... READ MORE

My Bracket from my Braces Has Fallen off Taking a Piece of Tooth with It?

So today I was eating and I feel something come loose in my mouth, i figured it was just a bracket fallen off and didnt worry about it, tha's not... READ MORE

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