Bottom Teeth + Braces

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Should I get both top and bottom permanent retainers or just bottom?

I am 22 years old and I have had braces for 4 years now, and soon I'll be getting them off. I'm scared once I get them off my bottom teeth will move.... READ MORE

Can Braces Be Fitted to Only One Set of Teeth?

Can I only striaghten my bottom teeth if that is the only area of crowding? Or do braces need to be fitted to both sets of teeth? READ MORE

I Have Bottom Braces on and a Top Retainer on to Fix an Overbite How Does This Work?

I have just recently got bottom braces with also a top retainer that i have to wear day and night only taking out when i need to brush my teeth, I... READ MORE

I want to get my teeth fixed but I still want the gap in my two front teeth. (im 20)?

I know this sounds dumb, but i've had a gap in the two front teeth all my life, and i feel that its the one thing that keep me different from everyone... READ MORE

Braces or Crowns? (Photo)

I am a 49 year old woman with seriously crooked bottom teeth. I'm not sure which is best for me, braces or crowns or veneers. If I get braces, I don't... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Mandible Advancement Surgery (BSSO) with Just Lower Braces?

Had braces as an early teen to align teeth&correct bite.I have always had/hated my weak chin(underdevloped mandible). Considering chin implant but... READ MORE

Can you get both braces put in at the same time if you have an overbite?

I'm getting braces next month and I have a pretty bad overbite. I really want to get both braces on at the same time (top and bottom) can I get them... READ MORE

I have pretty straight teeth but a small overbite. Would I need braces? (Photo)

I'm only 13 and my overbite causes my smile to look very odd, you can barley see my bottom teeth when I smile and I was hoping Braves could fix this ..? READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Close Up Two Gaps Right In the Front on Both Bottom and Top? (Visuals)

The first 2 pics are 3d images of my teeth 40 weeks after invisalign treatment,i havent started treatment yet. my dentist said he could fill the 2... READ MORE

Can I wear my retainer after 2 years?

I had braces for three years and had them taken off two years ago. I wore my retainer as told and my teeth looked perfect and straight. I stopped... READ MORE

My Top Teeth Are Straight, but my Bottom Teeth Are Very Crooked? (photo)

I Wanted to Know Dentist Will Give Me Braces on Top and Bottom? I also wanted to know if I could get in Invaslign line on the bottom if braces are the... READ MORE

How much would one row of braces cost? (photos)

Hi I've had braces in the past but I lost my bottom retainer and my bottom teeth have shifted noticeably but they are not extremely bad. I have still... READ MORE

Will my Lips Change After Braces?

I have a major overbite and my bottom teeth are crooked. Because of that my lower lip is really really large (it looks swollen all the time) and it... READ MORE

How Long Should Braces Be Left on Your Teeth After They Have Been Moved into Their Proper Position?

I am a 41 year old male who had my braces removed in June, however, my bottoms still required some movement. The ortho assured me that the remaining... READ MORE

Why are some of my bottom teeth suddenly hitting the backs of my upper front teeth?

After getting my bite adjusted twice for a high filling, I now notice that a few of my bottom front teeth (the 2 that are to the left of the canine)... READ MORE

Why did my dentist created a mold of my teeth on the same day she put the braces?

My dentist just created a mold of my teeth, on that same day she put braces on my teeth up and down. i had a panoramic xray 2 weeks before my braces.... READ MORE

Braces Have Messed Up my Mouth Line and Made Teeth Crooked, Normal? (photo)

My bottom teeth had problems of space farther back in my mouth. After awhile I started to notice one tooth becoming crooked. Now as you can see in the... READ MORE

Why am I getting a gap in between my two bottom middle teeth?

I just had an ortho appointment on thursday and I got a detailed, thicker wire. I just noticed this morning that a small little gap is forming between... READ MORE

Periodontitis and Braces. (photos)

I went to my dentist as well as a orthodontist and they said my bone loss was minimal and was localized to the bottom 4 teeth and that they highly... READ MORE

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