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Black Triangle Gap Between my Two Front Teeth

I am getting my braces off in three weeks, and for the most part I am very happy. One of the spaces that won't close will need a little bonding, but... READ MORE

Gaps + Whitening After Braces? (photo)

I still have gaps on my upper lateral teeth after getting braces or 1 year. My orthodontist said the gaps are there because my teeth are small and... READ MORE

Peg Laterals? Will My Ortho Do Anything About it When I Get My Braces Off?

I have peg laterals(with space between them and my Central Incisors) , and I'm getting my braces off soon. Will my orthodontists do anything about... READ MORE

My braces are off and I still have a slight space in my front teeth. What can I do about it? (Photo)

It's only been 3days with braces off.. As you can see in my pic I have a small space. I do wear my Hawley retainers ,can my dr Adjust it to close it... READ MORE

Still Have 2 Huge Gaps from Extractions with Braces, Should I Get Bonding Done? (photo)

It's been three years since i first got my braces. I had a really bad overbite and spaces between my teeth. I had 2 baby teeth extracted, but the... READ MORE

Got my braces off few day ago. I have this gap in my incisor. Doctor took x days and said that was the shape of my tooth (Photo)

I just got my braces off a few day ago. I had 3 extraction before treatment. One of them was a baby tooth that never fell. They brought the tooth down... READ MORE

Which will be best way to close the gaps: braces or bonding? (Photo)

There is spacing between my front teeth. Which will be best way to close the gap and get the perfect smile? READ MORE

Will extraction gap reform after braces? Unhappy with results. (Photo)

Just got my braces off yesterday and I'm very unhappy with the results. The extraction gap didn't fully close and my smile became so narrow that I can... READ MORE

Can overlapped teeth be reshaped or bonded? (Photo)

I dont mind the alignment problem, that is for now. But i would love it if my 2 front teeth were in a straight line. Can i contour my front teeth,... READ MORE

Would Bonding on my Teeth Correct the Pointy Canines and Spaces? (photo)

Hi everyone, I currently am in college and I was told by my orthodontist that my braces are supposed to come off within the next 3 months maybe a bit... READ MORE

Should I Get Gaps Closed with Braces or Bonding? (Photos)

I'm 16 years old and currently have braces. My upper lateral incisor teeth aren't wide enough so there are gaps either side of them. I have the option... READ MORE

I chipped my front tooth and got it repaired by bonding. Is it possible to get braces on that part of the tooth?

I went to the ortho and he recommended me to get braces but one thing that I forgot to ask that 7 years ago when I chipped my front tooth I got it... READ MORE

Braces or bonding? (Photo)

I'm tired wearing partial dentures and i just wanna get rid of it. I also wanna close the gaps i have in my front teeth. Pls take a look at the photo... READ MORE

Can You Get Composite Bonding Done While Having Braces on if the Chip is Really Small?

Im getting my braces taking off in 2 months after a veryyy long 6 years and want to get my chips fixed before they measure me for retainers, is there... READ MORE

I'm 14 years old. I'm getting my braces off soon and want bondings. Is it okay to get them at this age? (Photo)

Im getting my braces off in about 6 months and i want bondings but I'm only 14...I happen to have very small teeth and even though my teeth will be... READ MORE

Appliances for adult w/ severe overjet? Pendulum, twin block, bite plate, palatal has bonded quad helix schwart expanders(Photo)

I am 31. I was a thumbsucker as a kid and bit my nails until my mid 20's. I saw an orthodontist when I was 15, he advised: lower jaw surgery - cutting... READ MORE

I have straight teeth. However I have one tooth that is getting pushed out & appears fang like. I have had consultation. Advice?

Over a full brace however I feel this is a bit extreme giving the fact it's just the one tooth..would composite bonding be effective in this case? Or... READ MORE

Should I get bonding on several teeth to even them out or ask to file them down? Or should this be left alone? (Photo)

Put braces to straighten my teeth. In months I got an overbite & the ortho decided to shave the sides of my teeth to close the overbite faster. Ever... READ MORE

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