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Will Bicuspid Extraction Cause TMJ?

After a number of consultations for braces (all recommended Damon), I have been informed by multiple ortho that the extraction of four bicuspid is... READ MORE

Can I Fix my Mild Crowding Without Extraction of Bicuspids?

I am 23 years old and cosidering getting braces for my crowded teeth so that my smile and face can be more symmetrical. so far i hav visited two... READ MORE

Why is my Orthodontist Using the Nance Appliance for my Upper Jaw?

My 4 1st bicuspid already removed for the braces, and i'm currently wearing for it, but why would my orthodontist using upper nance holding arch... READ MORE

Is Extraction of 4 Bicuspid Necessary for Me? (photo)

I went to two orthodontists who advice me to extract four teeth to fix my overcrowding and overbites teeth. They said they could also do the... READ MORE

What can be done about midline of her tooth? (photos)

My daughter has been wearing braces for over 4 years now. She had a cuspid on one side that wouldn't come down, so my ortho had us pull the first... READ MORE

Is It Really Necessary to Have my Bicuspids Removed in Order to Have my Teeth Straightened and my Open Bite Corrected? (photo)

As you can see I have an open bite (I do not know if it is a mild or a severe one). What kind of braces would be the best for me (without removing my... READ MORE

Do you think its necessary for me to have upper teeth extractions in order to have braces? (photos)

Hi i'm 35 and considering to wear braces to fix overcrowding on the top row of my teeth. I've seen 3 orthodontists and all 3 said i need to have both... READ MORE

Can extraction of four 1st/2nd bicuspids help with not overcrowded teeth with protrusion? (photos)

I had done braces 6 months ago without extraction. My concern is if I do go ahead with extraction now, would the teeth become too retracted in as my... READ MORE

Will widening my arch fix bicuspid extraction results?

I am 21 years old and had an over jet. I got two upper bicuspids extracted.Its been 8months since I originally got braces and 6 since the extraction.... READ MORE

To Extract or Not to Extract? - Braces (photo)

My daughter just had her consultations with two different ortho. One doctor recommended extracting 4 bicuspids. The other doctor said she will be fine... READ MORE

Is having 4 teeth extracted to get braces necessary for my teeth to be properly aligned? (Photo)

I am 21, will soon be getting braces and was told due to my over crowding I need to have 4 teeth extracted, 2 upper and 2 lower bicuspid. I've been... READ MORE

Dentist Wants to Remove One Lower Bicuspid? (photo)

My dentist wants to remove three teeth. Two upper and one lower bicuspid. I have no idea what the end result would look like for my lower teeth since... READ MORE

Can Bicuspids and Molars Be Moved Forward to Fill in Re-opened Extraction Spaces?

I had bicuspids pulled and braces as a kid. Spaces were closed backwards causin tmj. We are re-opening half bicuspid spaces on the upper. I will then... READ MORE

4 Premolar extractions: worried about face/TMJ, have had multiple opinions, 3 say extractions, 1 says no extractions (photos)

The lst one wants to remove 4 bicuspids for my severe crowding. The 2nd orthodontist told me that I wouldn't need extractions and that all I would... READ MORE

Do I need to have four bicuspids extracted? (Photo)

I'm getting braces. I consulted with multiple ortho who all told me I should get four bicuspids removed in order to fix my overbite and crowding. I'm... READ MORE

Is it possible for my teeth to be straightened with metal braces without the removal of 4 bicuspids? (Photo)

I've had my third molars (Wisdom Teeth) removed a year ago and visited a different dentist for orthodontics. During the consultation, he told me my... READ MORE

How Are Front Teeth Retracted After Premolar Extraction? (photo)

I had four first bicuspids removed for treatment recently and my orthodontist has power chains from the furthest back molars to the canines and I am... READ MORE

Is Braces making my face more sunken? (photo)

I had only one upper bicuspid extracted prior to braces. I am now noticing facial changes such as a more sunken look , bigger nose and less lip... READ MORE

Can my mouth protrusion can be fixed with Braces? (photos)

I am 47 years old woman. I have been wearing my braces for 6 months now. My doctor extracted left and right bicuspid because I'm over jet. Will my... READ MORE

Bicuspid Extraction, How to Get Straight Teeth with Wide Arch and Toothy Smile?

Overbite/jet. Pulled both upper first bicuspids. Moved canine and now moving 4 front teeth inward. I felt my smile getting narrow&mouth smaller. i... READ MORE

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