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Missing Permanent Teeth - Best Option?

My son is 15 and is missing both of his permanent first premolar teeth. My question I pull the baby teeth and move the back teeth forward with... READ MORE

Best Braces to Straighten over Bite and over Crowding

Hi, I've had a few crooked teeth ever since I lost all my baby teeth. I've also had an over bite since then as well. Anyway, I was wondering... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Invisalign and Regular Braces?

What is the difference between Invisalign and regular braces? Which is more effective? READ MORE

What can I do to close my teeth gap? (photos)

My age is 24.l want to need close my teeth gap. Which treatment is best and cheap for close my teeth gap. Please help me. READ MORE

What do you think is the best treatment for my teeth? Invisalign or braces? (photos)

My upper teeth is slanted. This is very noticeable when i smile. My bite on one side doesnt meet. I guess this is what you call crossbite. READ MORE

What is the best way to fix my teeth? (photos)

I had braces several years ago and over the last few years, I feel as though my teeth have been shifting and now, one of my front teeth is... READ MORE

I have 1 tooth sticking out & want to fix it the fastest & safest way possible. What would be my best option? (Photo)

My tooth has always been like this, I am now 19 & finally working up the courage  to fix it. I never had braces or anything besides... READ MORE

Will 10 eMax veneers to top teeth after my braces removed in few months would possibly be the best solution? (Photos)

4 months in with full metal braces. I've been told I have triangle teeth & now black triangles from straightening of teeth. I'm a mature brace... READ MORE

Braces - change smile? (photos)

Also are braces will me change the way i smile? Everytime i look in the mirror it looks normal but when i took a photo it's not balance,. What's the... READ MORE

Braces: I have an open bite due to tongue thrusting. (photo)

What would be the best type of braces for my situation ? READ MORE

Which aesthetic bracket you think is the best on these days, Inspire, Ice or Clarity?

I have periodontal problems, but it is under control and I want to close a space (4 mm) between the front teeth.thanks Patricia READ MORE

My front upper teeth are way over my lower teeth. What will be the best treatment for me? (photo)

They protude a little more on the right side which makes my lips look a little cross. I have no other dental problems.I am 26 and I do not want to go... READ MORE

How do I get rid of front teeth gap? (photo)

I have this gap between my front two teeth, I really don't like it and i want to know what will be the best way to finish it. Should i get braces?... READ MORE

Dear Dr, I would like to know which is the best retainer suitable for me. (photos)

Post-treatment problems: spacing between mandibular first premolar and first molar on both sides (second premolar was extracted), food lodgement as a... READ MORE

Chipped tooth before braces, concerned about them interfering with the best result after getting them off. (photo)

Hello! I have had braces for a year and four months or so. Before I got them on, I chipped one of the teeth next to the two front ones (Sorry, I'm not... READ MORE

What would be the best solution to successfully align my teeth gap spacing? (photo)

It is time for me to find the best solution for straightening my gap spacing. As you can see the spacing is more severe on my bottom teeth. What would... READ MORE

Best tooth gap solution suggestions? (Pictures provided)

Hello! I've never needed braces or have had any dental issues but I've never been happy with my little gap (also my two front teeth are tiny). With... READ MORE

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