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When is a Retainer Used Rather Than Braces?

 How effective are retainers when used as an alternative to braces to fix crooked teeth? READ MORE

How Long Would I Need Braces for Teeth Gaps?

I have straight teeth but between each tooth, I have a small to medium sized gap and a little bit of an overbite. I'm just hoping it won't take long... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces on my Upper Teeth Only?

I would like to know, can I get braces just on my upper teeth, or should I have it done on my bottom teeth as well? My bottom teeth are okay. READ MORE

How Long Do Adults Wear Braces to Straighten Teeth?

Is there a timeline that dentists follow for treatment? What is to be expected at each stage? READ MORE

Are Fast Braces Dangerous?

FastBraces seem to good to be true... do they pose any threat to the future of your teeth, such as root resorption? One internet blog claims that one... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Medium-sized Teeth Gap?

I am a sophomore in high school who is very self conscious of her teeth. I have a medium-sized gap, which is obviously too big to be fixed by bonding.... READ MORE

Correcting Buck Teeth?

I'm a 47 year old with a massive overbite. Every dentist I go to for cleaning says my protruding centrals are the biggest they've seen. It was caused... READ MORE

Ceramic Braces Vs. Metal Braces

Should I get ceramic or metal braces? I am 22 and my case is not complicated. I have a midsize gap between my left canine and mollar. I also have... READ MORE

Will Braces Correct My Overbite?

I have an slight overbite due to which my face looks short .i am 19 years old.when i put my jaw in position of underbite my face looks good.i want to... READ MORE

How to Fix Misaligned Tooth from Not Wearing Retainers?

I didn't wear retainers, wisdom teeth not taken out, now teeth have moved. I wore my retainer every day/night for a year after my braces were taken... READ MORE

Will a Retainer Fix a Mild Overbite Without Braces?

Will a retainer help a slight overbite due to sucking my fingers at a young age? It's not as bad as most thumbsucker's teeth, but I wanted to know if... READ MORE

Braces to Move Just One Tooth?

I was lucky to be born with perfectly straight teeth -- except, as I've gotten older, one of my bottom right teeth (the one just before the canine, in... READ MORE

How Are Clear Braces Different from Metal Braces?

Are clear braces still available as an alternative to metal braces?  READ MORE

Too Old For Braces?

Hi Doctor, Im 27 yrs old male want to put braces on my teeth. I met a dentist but she says im too old to put braces on..Is it right ? READ MORE

Missing Permanent Teeth: Braces or Implants?

Hi, I am 20 years old and I have a spacer in my right upper jaw because I am missing a permanent tooth. I have a baby tooth in my lower left jaw (I... READ MORE

How Long to Wear Braces for Few Crooked Teeth?

I only have a few crooked teeth and the orthodontist said they would straighten out. How long do I have to have braces for if I only have 2 or 3... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Get Braces?

How long after i get approved for braces can i get them and is there anyway i cant get them and long would i have to keep them? READ MORE

Can I Get Braces if I Still Have my Wisdom Teeth?

I still have two of my wisdom teeth and I'm interested in getting braces. The wisdom teeth may or may not come out. One seems to be pushing out a... READ MORE

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