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Is my Crossbite Too Severe for Invisalign? (photo)

I am seeing my orthodontist this week, I have had braces in the past and now need them again because the lack of improvement they did on my crossbite.... READ MORE

Palate Expander for a 24 year old, Will it work?

I have a condition where my front 4 teeth of the upper jaw slant outwards like \ (away from the mouth). The lower jaw has straight teeth. I visited... READ MORE

Underbite Treatment Without Braces?

Hello, I am 28 years old and I have underbite Class III. The lower jaw is ok, but the upper jaw is underdeveloped. After consultation with an oral... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Correct my Bite Misalignment? (photo)

My bottom teeth go off to the left. I would love to have my bite aligned properly. I am not sure what the best method for me is. Any help would be... READ MORE

I Cant Afford Extremely Needed Braces, Any Suggestions?

Im 16 and have needed braces since 7th grade, and unlike most teenagers i WISH i had them.My parents could never afford them.When i turned 16 i was so... READ MORE

Would Like to Know More About "No Braces" or "Myobrace" for a 10 Year Old Daughter?

My Daughter is 10 years old. We just visited an orthodontic and he adviced to have a temprory plate for her upper arch, because of crowding. He also... READ MORE

How Can I Fix the Appearance of my Teeth Without Braces? (photo)

I'm interested in an affordable way to fix the general appearance of my teeth, as I am not necessarily concerned about my bite but more of the... READ MORE

Are There Any Alternatives to Maxillary Impaction Surgery For Open Bite? (photo)

Finished with braces but open bite remains. Orthodontist says jaw surgery is needed to close bite. Fifteen yr old doesn't want surgery. Are there... READ MORE

Regretting 6 month smiles! I want to have them taken off midway. Would Damon Braces be a better option? (Photo)

I got the 6 month smiles braces about 2 months ago and I regret the decision. 3 weeks in I knew it was a huge mistake. I have developed a severe... READ MORE

Can my Crooked Teeth Be Straightened Only by Using Braces? Or Are There Other Options? I'm a 27yr Old Female. (photo)

I want to straighten my crooked smile. After consultation with a number of dentists, most are of the opinion that my smile cannot be straightned... READ MORE

Will I Need Orthodontics Before Fixing my Peg Lateral? (photo)

I'm really self conscious of my peg lateral, but I've had two dentists tell me not to worry about it or fix it. It's 5mm wide and the... READ MORE

Braces, 2 Retainers, Rubber Bands... Feels Like Too Much. What Alternatives Do I Have? (photo)

First of all I am the worse patient I do not follow the protocol. Currently I have braces, with a permenant retainer on the bottom, expanding... READ MORE

Are There Alternative to Bite Blockers?

I had my braces put on yesterday. The braces are fine but the bite blockers are very irritating and causes me not to eat. I do not want to wait until... READ MORE

My Right Eye Tooth (Cupid) (Canine) is Above my Other Teeth? (photo)

I can't afford braces and it won't ever be an option. I'm already in my mid-twenties. Is it possible to just pull that tooth out? My teeth are... READ MORE

Do You Have to Have Surgery to Correct an Open Bite?

What alternatives are available? At what point is surgery necessary? READ MORE

Way to Correct Overbite Without Braces?

What cosmetic dentistry do you do for a really bad overbite? i do not want braces, what's the quickest thing? READ MORE

19 Year Old Son with Down Syndrome and Moderate to Severe Underbite, Wore Braces but Not Retainer, What Other Options Are There?

Not wear retainer well. Underbite has gotten more prounounced. Effect speechs..and upper teeth are are starting to wear in spots. Dentist and... READ MORE

Whats the Best Remedy for Straightening One Crooked Lateral Incisor, Without Getting Braces? (photo)

I'm 27 years old, and my upper right lateral incisor is pushed back. I'm pleased with the placement of my other teeth, and don't want braces. I really... READ MORE

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